Sunday, January 6, 2013



Warm up with a cup  of "green tea", Japan's  nation drink... m-m-m- mild and soothing 

Green Tea, cold packed, fresh or bagged  is a very essential part of the Japanese  culture. I love the morning infusion of  this  calming tea.

With the New Year well on it's way, the stores are open and I chose a bagged Green Tea today... It's an   unfermented tea that provides many healthy benefits.

Green tea leaves are oxidized and fermented as  soon as they are picked. It naturally preserves the catechin, carotene and vitamins.

GREAT ... Just what I need for a morning zest !!!!.. WOW ... It beautifies the skin, prevents high blood pressure  and aging... It's the Fountain of Youth in one sip !!!!

I hadn't been back to Asia for some time,so, finding a teacup was a bit of problem. Hubby had packed most of my china away in cardboard boxes...  It was an archeological expedition( dig,dig,dig) .....  Fluttering butterflies led me to a calming stash.

This Japanese logo is denoted to the famous Japanese  designer, " Hanae Mori", born January, 1926 in Yoshika, Shimane. She's the first, female, Asian Fashion Designer, to be admitted to the 'haute couture' design house of Paris and New York.

As an icon of Japan, Hanae  has many beautiful artisan works dedicated to her... I believe  this porcelain teaser to be, one of them... and it is truly lovely to see, touch and sip tea from... ethereal !!!!

Equally, delightful is this  roundelay of rabbits ... "Sweet "... "Sweet."...  I'd love to be a teapot, just to sit on top of this magical tea ring.( ha ha)  "It's a must 'BE" tea accessory"..if you can find one!!!

Imagine ... It was a $5.00 caste iron 'find' ... bought at a humble, Japanese antique "refuse " yard for lack of better word ... Most of the  items had gathered the wrath of natures, wind, rain and sunlight, being left outside for two maybe three months  or years plus. Some china pieces were faded from the constant sun or ruined by sheer neglect ... but then hunting through the ruins is half the pleasure in Japan.( ha ha)

Kim and I salvaged, two of these lovely little bunny teapot coddlers.. and I do treasure them.
See how comfortably they sit and await the royal teapot crowning ( Ah) ..Even the rabbit are tea toddling happy. I'm amazed that they're in such great shape.

Japan is the land of ' Sweets' and I just couldn't resist the olfactory nerve of smelling out ... 'strawberry and cocoa truffles' .. alas, venturing  into this sweet  land of "milk and honey" dooms we, western dwellers, to pounds of sugar coated adventures ... I devoured five of these coconut truffles .... ( guilty )

OK ... I'm  blaming everything on 'jet lag' .. but boy isn't ' teatime' a sweet retreat  and  a reason not to  count calories( shhhh) ...  just ENJOY !!!

I've been too abnormally lazy this past year. Hopefully, 2013 will kick start my passions and blast me into some new teatime journeys and experiences. Basically, I need something to light the cracker under my tea lid( BOOM) ... and ignite me into action.  I'd love to take on a brewing course and become a real teatime socialite  with a teatime gossip page( Ha Ha) "DEAR MISS BREW ".... Only kidding ...  but it is time to start up some New Year's Resolutions and do something adventurous. 
What do you have on your agenda?

Here's a  Green Tea List of benefits that read in the  " Fukuoka Now " Magazine
It prevents tooth decay.
It's a picky-me- up that sobers you up.
Effectively burns body fat.
Beautifies the skin.
Prevents hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.
Protects against colds.
Prevents aging .
Prevents food poisoning .

Since  Green Tea is so darn beneficial to our well being ... maybe the  first New Year's Resolution should be, to drink green tea everyday. 

There are so many different types of green teas to choose from ... I prefer the powdered frothy green teas, but it's your personal taste, as in tea buds. Japanese green tea is readily available online, at most grocery stores  and in tea shop around the world. 

 Frankly ...  I'm so pleased to have you all here, for this, our first New Year's Teatime... I look forward to new kettles steaming, new teas 'a'  brewing and new dreams 'a' humming on new horizons. 
Wishing you all, much  health and happiness 



Marilou Bain said...

Hi there, tis I following up, so you would have my blog address, I actually have two blogs, so take your pick or both, one gets more time than the other, both are fun to have. I must start thinking about what kind of doll I will create.
grand kids jut left, had each for two days and now time to. Relax before I start on another venture.
Big Hugs and love sent your way and looking forward to out new found friendship!
Marilou. Xoxo

GinaBVictorian said...

I am a fan of green tea too! I sweeten mine with honey. Love those tea coddlers! I've never seen one before, or if I did I just didn't know what it was. Thanks for sharing!

Zaa said...

Hey Marilous ..Yes I'm getting excited too...I'll pop over for a dolly boo. soon..Hugs

Zaa said...

Hey Gina ..SO nice to share the first cup with you this year....I'll have to try it with honey ...Thanks for the sweet visit...Hugs

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Beautiful post!! Yes, I do plan to drink more green Tea!!
Thanks so much for stopping by,

I am a new Follower and i hope you will consider following Debbie-Dabble...


Victoria said...

Wow..what a gorgeous post..beautiful tea images and charming tea the butterfly...and of course i love your magical rabbits! fabulous!

xinex said...

Beautiful vignette! My favorite is the bunny teapot holder, so unique!...Christine

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy New Year, Rosalind! Your tea today served up a wealth of interesting tea benefits. I drink green tea and in fact am drinking plenty of the hot elixir at this very moment becaause I brought home with me from my trip out west, a terrible head cold.
Love the bunny stand and the glass teapot! My DIL would love the teapot!! Thank you my friend for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


Johanna said...

Hi Roslind,
you created a wonderful Japanese tea time. Just a few very fine pieces, a little (for me caloriefree) treat and a high quality tea. I started to drink green tea and the longer I drink it the more I enjoy it. One have to learn to like the special smell and taste. Your tea cup is sweet and I can see the fine quality of porcelain. Thank you for this delightful tea time and for your kind comment on my blog.
Best greetings, Johanna

Antiques And Teacups said...

Wonderful! I am afraid I have to sweeten my green...I really don't like the taste! But I drink it for it's properties. I have 2 Hanae Mori flower sculptures. They are lovely! I love your teacup and the bunny teapot ring is so cute! I am glad you are enjoying your trip and it's nice to have a cup of tea and a chat with you again. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa tea and letting us know what you are up to!

Zaa said...

Thanks Debbie-Dabble ..I enjoyed reading your blog and joined the list of your very merry christmas Followers...Please do pop in often for tea...hugs

Zaa said...

Thank you Victoria..I've been enjoying you wonderful Magical garden and meditations... just can't find the comment button, my dear.. Please do stop over for a mystical teatime chat often....xoxoxox

Zaa said...

Happy New Year Christine... You glad that you had the time to visit ... Hugs

Zaa said...

Dearest Sandi... Green tea is a healthy elexir..I'm sending healing prayers your way ... Wishing you a most healthy and happy New Year...Thanks for the sweet visit...xoxoxox

Zaa said...

New Years Greetings Johanna..I love your teatime visits here... I Wish you a most wonderful and happy 2013 filled with lots of teatime laughter....Hugs

Zaa said...

Happy New Year... I must admit , Im a little envious of your ability to view the " Downton Abbey ' series... Boo Hoo...I'll just have to keep in touch with you to find out whats happening until I return home to Canada... Thanks for the kind visit,,,, HUGS

Betty Stapleton said...

what a lovely tea, love your side bars too. I lost my background and forget how to do it. Need more green tea and maybe it will help my memory.
Going to be a new follower. God bless...

Zaa said...

Dear Betty ..What a lovely visit and what a lovely blog you have ... Thanks for your sweet visit to the ' Grand Lady ..Please do come again soon..Hugs..xoxoxo

GardenofDaisies said...

That rabbit tea fing is really adorable! LOVE it! I like to have a cup of green tea in the morning with my breakfast. I keep hearing more and more things that make it good for me.

Lady Linda said...

SO so so beautiful! YES, the rabbit thing is adorable. I can hardly stand it, it's so cute.
I am trying to appreciate green tea....
I do better with the blends.

Lady Linda said...

SO so so beautiful! YES, the rabbit thing is adorable. I can hardly stand it, it's so cute.
I am trying to appreciate green tea....
I do better with the blends.

Lady Linda said...

SO so so beautiful! YES, the rabbit thing is adorable. I can hardly stand it, it's so cute.
I am trying to appreciate green tea....
I do better with the blends.

Zaa said...

Thanks for your teatime delights ..Garden of Daisies..I enjoyed reading your blog today ...xoxoxox