Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Tick tock, tick, tick... From the sounds of the clock ... It's Teatime Tuesday ... Unfortunately,  I'm under the weather but I have a  whole Wonderland menagerie to greet you.

I think this shall be a teatime from afar, where the sweet aroma of camomile, jasmine or just about any tea you can imagine will waft up from my blog to your olfactory nerve... take a whiff !!!

Sweet  honey tea on the throat feels good   and oh what lovely flowers have been presented to me by my hubby , who's feeling rather sorry that I'm in such a sniffling state...ACHOO !!! Flowers always make me feel better and so does a pretty cup. 

Kim  very kindly brought me a bouquet of tea in this handpainted  lusterware teaset, which looks to be in  exceptional vintage shape.

 Each and every little age spot on this saucer begs to tells a story ... a teatime story,  maybe about someone who loved this little cup so much, that they used it every day....  Or maybe, it's the  tale about a poor old soul, who had only  one cup for tea  and  one milk saucer to share with her cat during teatime ... or perhaps, the teaset belonged to a fairy princess, who was locked up in a high , high tower by her wicked step-mother. ( HA HA)  .... 

 Please do forgive my ramblings... but alas I've been drinking from Alices bottles  ... When you're sick everything has a magical presence . 

"Tsk Tsk", the flowers disagree , they say that this teaset  has been skillfully designed  with pottery tools to create  warm rippling effect around the bowl of the cup, not to mention the handpainted, posies and  high lustre that  is reminiscent  of  Japanese Lusterware.... I think they're right !!! Don't you ?

 The floral group has  ordered me to take my pills and finish my tea....(sip sip) ... and get back to bed. Boy oh boy, flowers can be bossy !!!

OK, so in my teatime meanderings today, it is probably best to  just agree with the  flowers  and enjoy our rather short  teatime chat. We can always catch up next week !!!!

SO drink up Ladies  ( giggle giggle) . You're welcome to join me in Wonderland  anytime. You don't have to be sick to visit your  own wonderland  tea in the garden. You might even want to talk to the flowers. ....  Scientific studies show that it makes the garden grow !!!!


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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


" Fiddle dee-dee" - It seems like years since we've had a Teatime chat ... The month of  May has passed  in a flurry of excitement and great expectations with the birth of our new little Grand-daughter Auriane.
 ( see May posting below ).

Now it's half past Tuesday teatime and I must prepare for a nice brewing of chit chat with you all ... It's catch up time in blogland.  Won't you please join me !!!

Sandi, you sit here, Terri, this is your seat and well, please make yourselves comfortable Ladies.
Not everyone has access to luxurious teatime setting , so here's  a traditional little milk jug, that I found in the Frederickton Airport.  There are many lovely items that are readily available for your viewing and purchase by this local Artisan... So take a peek , if you get a chance to visit here, in beautiful Frederickton.
 I, of course, am always tempted and just couldn't  pass up  the underestimated, playtime essence of this  simple jug. Can't you imagine, having teatime with your childhood friends, sisters or  little grand-daughter. What fun !!!!

I must confess that, I  also bought a new teapot ... It's a very unusual design, destined to become a New Age, retro treasure. The artisan has bedecked it with lilacs, which were so appropriate for the season.

My gardens are bursting with the  intoxicating fragrance of  lilacs. Are your  lilacs blooming yet? These old fashioned blossoms always remind me of days gone by, vintage years in small towns with meandering pathways and elegantly dressed people, who wear hats, ride bicycles  or trot through the dusty streets in  horse drawn  carriages.

More tea !!!!...Oh yes...oops I spilled a few drops. The tea pours out of the spout like a torpedo in this vessel. The elongated shape, swirls the liquid so very quickly to teapot mouth  .... So Beware!!!

It's a very sleek teapot, front, back and on the sides. As you can see, holding the spacious handle and tea lid are gracious attributes for this selective design. It is indeed very unique!!!

AHhhhhhh ... one more glorious whiff of the blossoms .... It reminds me of an old song, from a Lesley Garrett, CD... Maybe you have this album !!!! ... 

" We'll Gather Lilacs "

" We'll gather lilacs in the Spring again.
And walk together  down the English lane.
Until our hearts have learned to sing again.
When you come home, once more."

" And in the evening, by the firelight glow,
You'll hold me close and never let me go .
Your eyes will tell me all I need to know,
When you come home, once more.

" We'll gather lilacs in the Spring again."

Goodness , Lady Linda, your teacup is empty!!! I hope you're enjoying my selection of cups today. This one is a Bavarian porcelain set, that  actually seems to dance with the translucent shadows of the sunlight, if held up to the window. It has  a slightly round shape, with a generous mouth that adds a special mellow appearance to the tea when it's poured into the china.

It was purchased with two other Bavarian pieces on ebay. They do not, however have any markings, only the telltale quality of fine china ... that resemble many other  Bavarian pieces that I own.  Perhaps you know something about Bavarian china that you could share  !!!  

Hand painted morning glory vines  and golden filigree enhance the delicate balance of  this teaset, blessing it with a generous amount of ambient serenity... Sipping, is  simply blissful ... (hmmmmm) 

Three dainty little feet, herald the sheer sweetness of this  teaset, which is always front and centre, ready for a tea party.( Ha Ha) Incidently, it has no cup holding indentation, which also denotes it's vintage age.

Oops-a-daisy... back onto your feet little  teacup, stop showing off !!!

Arranging flowers in vases is one of my favourite past-time. It has been a pleasure to share the lilacs at this Tuesdays' teatime.

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