Monday, September 22, 2014


Sleeping Beauty   has  awakened with  the first kiss of Autumn. I can't believe  that I've slept so long without writing to my Dear Blog friends. Possibly recuperation from   surgery  took longer than I had anticipated .

Yes , I know Autumn means that the Wintry blast is just around the corner, but I  have decided to  just bundle up and enjoy the  brilliance of the  season with  thanks and a relaxing cup of tea.

 I personally love the unusual  shape and  clean hand painted design  of this rare 1918 Melba, bone china  creation. That is  one, sweet little handle!!!

It is  a lovely example of teatime  beauty complete with it's registration number . Since I'm going out to the back yard , I best be careful  not to drop it.

Autumn reminds me that it's important to keep in step with the season and  it's changing appearance... Just as  trees are being  renewed  with colour ...

We have  decided to rejuvenate  my 150 year old  " Dancing Lily Studio  with a confectionary palette of paint  on the window frames .

                       I have three colours in mind  for the house, pink, green and lavender.

                                       Here you can see the   green with a lavender inside

                                 and the next example is the  lavender with a green inside.

                                                          Which one do you like best?

Due to the  rainy weather  conditions, the main body of the house  won't be  finished until next spring, but the experimentation is exciting.  ( Ha Ha) I'm sure that it will set the scene for  a lot of community  curiosity that will  in turn, promote local gossip  !!!!

In the meantime ....  I'm  sitting  in the backyard  sipping  and enjoying my  tea, while hubby paints,  so .... ultimately  there is a little "reasoning in my madness"... OMG ....  but aren't we having fun !!!!!

ENJOY your  Autumn Ladies and Thanks for the visits.

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