Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's 8a.m. ...The raining is softly falling, scenting the air with a brisk emollient, " wake-up" call. Even the lonely  Sakura' are  shyly exposing themselves to the cool temperatures.

Imagine ... I could be snuggly, sleeping in my bed,( z-z-z-z-) instead of braving the weather( br-r-r-r) in search of  a new car ... Saddly our vehicle  was totalled a few days ago and thankfully we only have the effects of whiplash ... back massages and prayers are definately, the order of the day. 

Every car on the lot  is  either white, shades of white, pearl or grey ( Ha Ha)...OK .. A " Pearl'  Nadia will  fit the bill... SOLD ... 

A more colorful vehicle selection would have cheered my mood, like the decorative florals surrounding the car dealership. Luckily, the skies are lifting, in favour of  a more vivid day to come.

We started our sojourn early and now it's already 5 o'clock, way past teatime...so we'll stop at one of our favourite restaurants. 

The  menu is in the window, all you need to do, is select a 
 dish  .

Classical musical softly meanders through the restaurant creating a lovely delectable mood that offers, traditional to western dining.

TEA...I'd love a cup of tea, in this traditionally thrown  pottery cup. It's a tad off kilter, but then what or who isn't today!!!! ( Ha ha)

Our  pretty waitress is dressed in traditional garb, favoring an apron and a western teapot. "Times are a changing." 

Yes, two cups of brown tea,would be nice ..Thank You....  " Genmaicha", brown rice  tea is the Japanese name for green tea combined with roasted brown rice. It's sometimes referred to colloquially as " popcorn tea" because a few grains of the rice pop during the roasting process.

 This type of tea was originally drunk by the poor Japanese, as the rice served as a filler and reduced the price of the tea; which is why it is also known as the " people's tea".

It was also used by those persons fasting for religious purposes or who found themselves to be between meals for a long period of time.

Today it is consumed by all segments of society.

 This tea  is only half fermented, so the quality of taste and goodness is more readily savoured in the each cup. It's flavour is mild and combines the fresh grassy flavour of the green tea with the aroma of the roasted rice...  Brown tea is so  tasty !!!! 

                        I also enjoy the use of the handmade crudiments jars that compliment the  
                                                        asian essence of our dining experience...
                                                                    Don't you !!!!. 

We have spicy peppers and seasoned herbs to choose from 

                                         or a soft blend of sea salts to season our foods with. 

A thin, light soy sauce is the perfect compliment for a  tempura dish....

                           or maybe  you'd enjoy a  heavier, delicious  soy mixture for your Sashimi

OH ..Here's a surprise... a little drawers for the chopsticks(  Hee Hee)  There's always something to  makes me smile !!!!

Your food will be here soon, " Would like another cup of tea?"

Our appetizer is , sesame, teriyaki, honey chicken wings... It's simply delicious !!!

Oops..I forgot to take a picture of the  raw egg on top of the Ceasar salad ... You just  stir it into the creamy salad sauce, divide it in two ... Yummy  ... It's almost gone !!!!

Laughter and giggles abound and often overflow within the fine dining restaurants, creating a happy and relaxing atmosphere. I dare, say there's alot of teatime gossiping going on here too !!!!

Then there are others 
who quietly drink tea and discuss their daily business. 

Hubby enjoys a feast of Sashimi, with a perfect custard. Just look at that lovely little floral cup. The Japanese dishes are so beautifully presented and varied in size and shapes. It makes the meal , most appealing. The word Sashimi often refers to uncooked fish preparations. It is traditionally considered the finest dish in Japanese cuisine.

The sliced seafood is typically draped over a garnish of Asian white radish, daikon, shredded into long strands accompanied by one green perilla leaf. Wasabi paste is sometimes mixed directly into the soy sauce.  A reputed motivation for serving wasabi or pickled ginger with sashimi, beside the flavour, is to kill harmful bacteria and parasites that might be present in the raw fish. Sashimi is an acquired taste that most Asians love.

I chose, tempura.... two shrimps, two white small white fish fillets,eggplant, a cluster of mushrooms and tempura lotus leaf... Rice, dipping soy, pickles and miso soup usually accompany this dish.

Tempura is made of cold water ( sometimes sparkling water) and soft wheat flour to keep the batter light. "Kakiage", is a type of tempura made with mixed vegetables which are deep fried as fritters. Vegetables such as green peppers  and eggplants  are  culinary favourites.

                                     It's a lot to eat and I'm getting a little full.. Aren't you !!!!

                                                            Would you like more tea?

It does smell good , but " No Thank You ".... It's time to  go home.

On the way out ...I notice a few packaged foods for sale... pickled radishes, bamboo, udon noodles, shredded greens and .....

Salted fish...

                                    Which one would you like to buy for  your late evening snack.?
                                           It's past my bewitching hour and time for a rest.

                              If you'd like another cup of tea.. I'll keep the kettle simmering
                                              To make the best ' genmaicha' brown tea ,        
                                be sure that the water has  boiled for at least  thirty seconds,
                                                          then enjoy the aroma.

                                                          Good-night Ladies  !!!


Maria Andrade said...

Hi Zaa,
Thanks for this delightful tour with traditional pottery and food rituals...
The Japanese are masters!!!
And that flower composition at the end is a pretty thing to watch...and try to copy... ;)
Have a great week!

Stephanie said...

What a lovely visit...I almost felt like I was right there :)

Thanks for sharing and have a delightful day!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I'm sorry to hear of your car accident and I'm so glad you were not injured badly. Scary!
We have a white car yourselves because we LOVE white! Happy Car hunting.
You had quite tea experience. I'm not much for fish so I guess I would have to stick with only tea. I did enjoy reading about your outing. A very enertaining post, my friend. Thank you for joining me for tea this week and heal up quickly! Take care.


Zaaart said...

Thanks for your kind visit Maria... I'm so happy to chat with you today !!!..HUGS

Zaaart said...

Thanks Stephanie...Please do come again for a little teatime touring and chatter ...Hugs

Zaaart said...

Hey Sandi..
Your visits are always such a pleasure.. Thanks for the well wishes..I'll be sure to order up some cucumber sandwiches for our next teatime meeting....XOXOXOX

Constance said...

Lovely photos Roslind, my tummy is growling!