Thursday, December 31, 2015



2015 has been a tough year and  and my sweet  ' Dolly "  is all wet but, happy  and heralding the
 New Year ... 2016

Monday, July 27, 2015


" WELCOME" to teatime.

I have picked fresh flowers in honour of your visit.

             at the pretty Royal Albert teacup 
                 that I found in the cupboard.
                          Surprise, Surprise 

                    There's something to be said for   
          cleaning out your cupboards( Ha Ha)

                      I am quite taken with the unusual 
                colour combination ... of the
  deep variegated blues and soft pink accents.
          It seems dreamy and romantic, like
          the fairytale, "Beauty and the Beast".

        Don't you think that the pink makes the 
            florals " POP" with excitement!!!

           You might need your glasses to see,
              that the inner ring of the saucer is  
              painted in a lighter shade of blue 
     than the outer ring ... which just makes the 
        teacup a little more enticing to sip from.

That's my daughter,Manda, in the Venetian glass photo frame ... She's going to love this colourful teatime combo... Since she and the grandchildren are coming for a visit, I should continue to search out, some smaller teasets for the annual summer tea party with my three year old granddaughter, Miss Minnie Mouse.

 It's going to be a busy time for tea and fairy gardening  next week...
                  I wonder if I can keep up?

   Maybe, it would be wise to take in some extra
       teatime relaxation here with you ladies.

Do you think there is an energy pack that I can
                    buy somewhere? ( Ha Ha)

              I'm so  pleased that you joined me for 
                             teatime  today.

                " HAVE A  FABULOUS WEEK "

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Monday, July 20, 2015


" RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD ", as the  garden drinks up the much needed droplets of water that is  quenching  it's  thirst ...  I'm just sitting here humming that old song and trying to decide what to pack for my trip to Vancouver. My mother-in-law will be celebrating her 98th birthday soon.


 Sweet Peggy is rising to the occasion, setting a goal for herself to be able to attend a Chinese supper out of her hospital room, where she is recuperating from a broken pelvis, poor dear ... However, she wants to make the effort, so we
are accommodating her wishes.

Today, as I prepare for the journey, I'm settling into a nice cup of tea and a teatime chat with
 all of you lovely ladies.... WELCOME.

I have quite a large collection of Japanese tea sets, collected, while living in Japan.

Throughout the years, I have visited many Asian pottery areas that   have been in existence, for over 500 years ... It is so enlightening, to  experience and realize the artistry and history of Japanese folk arts and crafts. 

There is nothing particularly special about today's tea set except, the pretty motif, the colour black, the fluted pedestal on the bottom of the cup and ... of  course, the the price tag ... five dollars !!!!

                        " WAIT A MINUTE " 

             That's a whole lot of special ( ha ha)...

 plus, it has an extra wide mouth, which means, 
                         tea,in the teacup.

The teapot is another matter ... It was found in a dusty old, broken down store, at the side of the road, laying on a earthen floor, amongst a myriad of other vintage piece ...  each unique, different and with a history. I think, it was the glimmer of gold gilding that caught my eye, as the dust on it was at least two inches thick ... Once,  I got it home, I realized,  that it was a handpainted, Satsuma Moriage teapot.

Moriage is a term used to describe the fine and delicate layering or placing of clay pieces of pottery. The type of clay that is used for this method is known as 'slip' and is thicker and stickier that the clay used for the actual item.

Centuries ago,the Japanese potters were enthused with this method and used it to create many brilliant designs. This beautiful  technique and method of decorating, is now used extensively, all over the world... however the vintage pieces are most lovely.

 In the case of Satsuma pottery, the clay is often added in small circles or bumps to decorate the piece.  On Moriage pottery,  you will often see raised dots and designs artistically painted in different colours ... These are the moriage layers that are built up slowly as the piece is made and fired during each layer ... then, more raised areas are added before the piece is finished.

These raised areas  add to the overall design, making them more decorative and unique compared to just a painted piece of pottery. The combination of hand painted designs, moriage and beading make some of the Satsuma pieces very collectible and valuable. One must be so careful when washing a teapot or pottery with this type of decoration, as over time it could be easily damaged.

Most of the time, this teapot sits in the china cabinet, but today, I wanted to share my dusty old antique with you, before packing it away  for another millennium. THANKS FOR THE TEATIME  VISIT !!!

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Monday, July 13, 2015


GREETINGS  LADIES  ... I am Pricilla Potts and I'll be attending the Tuesday Teatime with all you darling  teatottlers... Incase you're wondering , I'm here to talk about tea.

 Let me tell you, that in my experience , Teatime is not just a time...  it  is a social celebration when you have the opportunity  to chat, or maybe even gossip a little while  eating strawberry/ cucumber sandwiches  and delectable dainties.

OMG ..I almost forgot about the tea( ha ha) ... YES ... Let us  sip on a nice cup of TEA.... pinkies down ... REMEMBER!

Here's sweet little teatime Recipe book that you really must purchase.
( and other tea books such as  Herbal Teas, Herbal Tea Gardens, Green Tea,Chia and, The New Tea Book are all available online.

Goodness ... Where is our tea? ... Shall I ring the teatime bell? It is very hard to get good tea pourers these days ... As you know !!!!

Heavens, the other day a young lady, who was chewing bubblegum and drinking lemon tea  from a can, asked me why I carried a silly old  tea flask .. She even hinted  that it was spiked ... I  was horrified that she didn't know the benefits of drinking real tea ... WELL ... I sure told her a thing or two.

 I prefer my tea hot in a nice, china teacup, preferably a Paragon,like this one.

                         HOW ABOUT YOU !!!

This  rather romantic set has an elegant flare that is definitely perfect for all you lovely ladies. See how the flourishes sweep in artistic movements  like a  ballerina pirouetting around and around and round ... It sort of makes one dizzy. 
( Tee Hee)

              Oh, I do enjoy delightful  floral 
                      nosegays  at teatime, 

but oh dear, I'm not sure which one I like the best .

You shall have to pick.



My dear friend, Clara Rosebush... How sweet of her to bring me teatime flowers.

Lah -Dee-Dah ...Now how special is that !!!!!

WE"LL ALL HAVE  SOME  JASMINE/PINAPPLE TEA...Didn't mean to be so demanding however,   " Where in the purple petunias is our Tea"? 


" Ah, at last !!! 


This is Pricilla Potts signing off ...
 I do hope that the Grand Lady will invite me sometime soon,for another,rollicking Tuesday Teatime"... of course , I'll have to check my schedule... " CHERRIO "


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Monday, July 6, 2015


" OH, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING "  The sun is shining  and the birds are singing.. (Fee bee, fee bee) There's nothing quite as special as a dawning , Bird Concert...Love it !!!!

There are two robin nests under the porch with  babies( exciting)  and OMG, a nest of pigeons under the eaves...It's like call the  midwife.( Ha Ha) I like to refer to the birds as mourning doves ... but  between you and me ... They're really pigeons. 

As promised ... Here is  another  pretty teacup that I bought in town  last week ... It has all the vintage elegance of  a Hi-Tea  setting.

This Stanley cup is fairly plain on the outside.

But on the inside it's a real English charmer.

I collect black cups and saucers. How  delighted I was to find this sweet set. Don't you love the delicate floral motif and  colours? Now, all we need are hats and gloves .

I am thankful for many things in life , " Paradise" tea is one of them. You just can't imagine the  effect this fabulous tea has on the olfactory nerve... (sniff sniff) Tropical Paradise teas are reminiscent of an exotic getaway.

They often have a flare and flavour that mimic mango, papaya, coconut or delicious pineapple.This particular one is from my Japanese  friend Chie, who knows how very much I like it. 

In honour of your visit, we will share my favourite tea. Please do sit here beside my  little  Peace Rose. The harsh winter has taken it's toll on my roses, however this delicate rose has such a noble history to tell . Did you know that that on the day that marked the end of WWll in Europe , the "Peace" rose was officially given it's name. It's exquisite blush seems to appropriately  blend with my 1940-ish  teaset, in such a delicate way.

 YES... You DO smell jasmine and pineapple, but just wait until you taste it's intoxicating  flavour. I believe that 'Tevana' has a rooibus tropical tea available online and in many of their tea outlets . Come on Ladies  ... put a little sunshine in your soul  .TRY IT !!!
Let me know what you think. 


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