Saturday, May 7, 2011


Wishing you all a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ".

Sunday, May 1, 2011


IT'S MAY ..It's May the lusty month of May ....I'm forever singing this song from the musical " Camelot "... especially since the nice  weather has arrived... I want to throw open the windows, breath in the spring air and  enjoy my music room... The picture above is my " Maytime  vision" .... A perfect  time shift into an earlier seeming perfect era.....

 Well... " in my dreams" ... because this is what I really  have... Yes,  alas ... the house is  still a mess.  It is a crushing blow to the singing heart  !!!!

Never fear....  Patience is a virtue ( True) ...The Ceiling expert has put a whole new dawn into my day by plastering the ceilings and walls. ( Doesn't take much to keep me happy)   Next  are the  moldings, now won't that be exciting... 

Tra-La ... It is time for singing the laurels of May ...Won't you join me !!!!! ...  and ... I still have HOPE for a Camelot and a nice cup of tea !!!!