Sunday, June 26, 2011


 Alittle Feng Shui please... The Grand Lady  is taking on renewed energy while becoming a somewhat new persona as a painted lady... oops  ... or should I say , modern girl.  

 The Victorians ( 1837-1901)  were typically a passionate generation who loved a dramatic effect in their homes.... so I thought .. Why not " Magenta Pink " ..Whoa...Put on your sunglasses !!! 

I was dancing on the edge of the color wheel and listening to the whispers of the room  when I chose this color... My fingers were crossed and  I did alot of  praying, as the paint brushes licked the walls.

Of course the painters thought I was a mad lady  and did infact bring sunglasses the next day ( Ha Ha) ... I said ... Just you wait !!!!  ( GULP ) The truth was, I was alittle scared !!!

Since this was my space, I wanted a ' hot version' of the much gentler, feng shui pink  and realized that  magenta pink, would actually fit beautifully into the feng shui  decorating palette... I also  knew, that the right color would bring a strong shift of energy into the environment and create soothing yet creative   energy for my musical tastes.

It seemed as if my mind was  wrapped in rose colored glasses, as everything kept coming up in fushias and wild pinks ... like the big beautiful peonies that grew in my grandmothers garden. ... like my favorite  damask roses, like the blossoms on my father's beloved plum trees. When they bloomed, all the world was filled  with " Magenta Pink " ...   I used to lay on the grass, dreaming and drifting with the petals,  softly floated all around me. Definately, this was a color from  my inner childhood days...and it was a comfort zone. 

Funnily enough,   I had bought this 200 plus year old mantle from an old Virginian Plantation, that a local artist had lovingly painted.  Although , I do prefer natural wood, this artistic rendering of flora and fauna stole my heart.  I just didn't know where I was going to put it, but bought it anyways..... Wouldn't you !!

My husband  shook his head, my daughter stared at me, in dismay and  I smiled..... Often people question what an artist buys and this mantle was no exception... It sat around gathering dust, until the music room was painted... Now, newly moved into the ' magenta pink '  aura ....  the old mantle has become the center of attraction ...  creating a  delicate yet soothing effect  to the room. It has literally become the heart of the music parlour .... At least until the piano moves in!!!  Stay tuned as the " Grand Lady continues her dramatic and passionate  transformation.  

Monday, June 6, 2011


Do  you speak the language?  In Victorian times sending flowers was a serious matter of the heart. Emotions were grown on the petals of roses.

Today I 'd like to send you all, a  rose of happiness and jovialaity...May your day be filled with  sunshine.

 AND ..... Just incase you're picking flowers or thinking about  sending  flowers  as a gift here's  a  sampling list of rose colors and their meanings ...  HAVE FUN !!!

PINK: respresents grace, elegance and gentleness.

LIGHT PINK:  stands for gratitude and appreciation.

WHITE ROSES:  innocence, purity, reverence and humility, but can also mean silence and secrecy.

RED AND WHITE : together or WHITE ROSES TIPPED IN RED: symbolize unity

YELLOW ROSES: denotes jealousy in Victorian times but are now given to express joy friendship, gladness and freedom.

RED AND YELLOW ROSES:  together signify happiness and joviality.

CORAL and ORANGE ROSES : convey enthusiasm and desire  and say ," I am proud of you ".

BLUE ROSES: are associated with fantasy, the impossible, miracles and new possibilities as no blue roses truly exist in nature.

PEACH ROSES:  are a symbol of modesty.

Now wasn't that an easy Victorian Lesson  in the Language of Roses .... ENJOY YOUR ROSES !!!!