Saturday, June 1, 2013


For everything there is a season . JUNE is busting open with a delicious sense of 'rejuvenation'. It's time to take our "mind over menopause" attitudes and start looking forward to a renewed sense of being.

To begin with , Old Man Winter had sent me into a downward spiral with his blustery snowstorm cold blasts. I thought  Spring would never kick in. Silly me ... Spring was just testing my patience, which was bearing thin.

When I look out of my windows, I see tulips waving. The buds are on the trees and even the lilacs are permeating the air with a renewed scent of ' being', not to mention that the pesky mosquitoes are buzzing around.

Life isn't perfect, but it is indeed beautiful, as the foilage of mother earth unfurls. Perhaps you've heard the saying ; " Our issues are in our tissues."

Unless we  start each day with the powerful intention of nurturing ourselves as much as possible, self-defeating thoughts and activities can sabotage our goal to achieve wholeness.

I'm eager to enjoy every morning of summer sunshine , even though I am, half a century old, as my daughter puts it. ( Ha Ha)

Studies have proven how important the mind-body connection is to our well being. As we think, so we become.... thus my dolly rendition(above), which was created to improve my  personal sense of aging, gracefully.

Today , I'm feeling  much like a new born sprout popping out of the earth, a little old and weary in the mornings, but "really'  exuberantly positive about  growing into my fifty-ish groove...( Creak creak)

Time for a little Yoga !!!!