Monday, February 20, 2012


Hurry, scurry, hurry scurry ... CINDERELLA... It's snowing , now it's raining ..Where's your umbrella?While dusting and sweeping the cobwebs from the attic of the Grand Lady, this rather lovely origami umbrella made itself known to me.. as if in a notion, that it was time to bask in the sunlight and pour a little tea.
Yes, the grand entry of the attic palace was determined to share more than one sparkling particle of dust with me...Achoo... one speck flew up my nose and another settled into place on an unopened oriental box..( sweep sweep) ... the dust danced in the sunbeams as I opened the lid of the silken case.

Glittering, radiance filled the old timbers with a flush of oriental red, that begged to be part of Teatime Tuesday. How could I resist sharing it with you all, even if it was a miniature set, that I dare say, had never been used.

I bought it seven years ago, while meandering through an old antique shop, in Kitakyushu, Japan ... Of course, it lay hidden under an untidy pile of forgotten books and novelties, waiting to be found.

Luckily, I'm just the kind of person, who dives into those untidy heaps of forget-me-nots. When I come up for air ( tah-dah) ... it's usually with something special.

This is a rather small tea set, richly decorated in Asian florals and gold. Many Japanese and Chinese sets are dainty like this one .... They are often, graciously, presented in silk laden boxes, that exude a handsome price in local stores.

How fortunate, that I managed to salvaged it from the rummage of extinction, in the lost corners of never, Neverland. I dare say that this is probably the first time the tea set has had the chance to be properly infused with green tea...mmmmm ... and what fun I had, drinking from not one, but all four cups.( Tee Hee)

First I sipped from a yellow rose, then a pink rose, then a yellow and another pink rose... oh , my goodness, it's time to pour more tea .

I did entertain myself quite royally ,with all the ladies of the noble court ... Infact I was quite content with my imaginary court, or should I say "Attic Palace" .

Cinderella, never knows, where a good dusting might take her to... " Achoo" ... especially in an attic filled with memories... I'm so glad that you came to share it with me... ( Sweep Sweep)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY TO YOU ALL.The Grand Lady has created a paperdoll in your honour.... " Valentina" as I call her was a labour of love dedicated to you on this special day. May your day be filled with love and lots of hugs. (Sparkle Sparkle)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Pensive is the word that lingers in my thoughts as I ponder the symbols of February in my mind ... Hearts , doves, cupids and roses parlay back and forth in a merry heartbeat... For when else could one take the time to read and sip camomile tea with friends.

I have a cabinet in my tearoom that is filled with such lovely treasures, mostly from the past memories of loved ones. ... which means, they were inherited or gifted to me. This is one such treasure, that was passed on by my mother -in-law, Peggy.

It's a opalescent cup and saucer that a friend hand painted for her mother in 1924 .... I dare say, that this lady must have been very special, as the tea set sat on display, in her mothers cabinet since Peggy was a child... occasionally her mother would sip tea from it.

In those days, most Valentines and gifts were handmade as sentimental tokens of friendship and affection. People freely expressed their gratitude through a written card or artistic work.

Luckily, it was signed and dated by the mysterious, Mrs. Duncan, January 1924 ... That does seem, so long ago, doesn't it !!!! It conjures up all types of questions and curiosities like .... I wonder, who Mrs. Duncan is ? ... What did she look like ? ... What was her favourite tea?

I had made inquiries into her identity, however, at present, shall we say, that she was simply an artist friend who created a gift so fine that has become a family heirloom.

Mother of Pearl is what I think of , each time I see the set and I'm amazed at the fine artistic details that Mrs. Duncan has included on this darling teaset.

I can also imagine, how very exciting it must have been to receive such a beautiful gift from a friend, especially during those years of distress when money was hard come by.

Also notable is the dramatic black band that outlines the artist's imaginative perception on this teaset ... Tis' such a lovely memento !!!

During February , I do wonder, what I should gift my loved ones and friends with on Valentines Day ... Gifts from the heart come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. I have even, found chocolate shaped roses ... but perhaps, a nice chat and cup of camomile tea with you is the best gift of all !!!

The business of " Love" does not belong to the retailers and business owners... It really belongs in and from your heart.... Please do have a BEAUTIFUL and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.