Monday, October 20, 2014


" AUTUMN"  dances  throughout the garden, like fluttering fairies, in a gathering frenzy. It hastens away all the little animals and bids the flora and fauna to prepare for winter's  sleep....  I too, scurry about as I hastily prepare for  week long travels, into beautiful Prince Edward Island. Teatime pleasures have been abruptly pushed aside, since my iPhoto refuses to display and post ....
                                                     Oh My .. What a blustery day !!!!

However, I was able to salvage a few photos from the trash bin...Oh dear, I do hope I haven't lost all of my iPhoto pictures.( Gulp) ... I had been in calm repose, drinking tea from this  lovely Paragon china teaset( above) when things went astray.
No sense panicking !!!!

        While packaging up a few little ribbon dolls  that I had made for my grand- daughter,

                I  stumbled upon a small grouping of papers with some of my  favourite
                                                            childhood poetry.
                                                            ( Happy Happy)

                         Having grandchildren is akin to being a child again ( I love it )
                         Anyways, that's what got me onto the ' Fairy " theme.( Ha Ha)
                     It's  more healthy to think of fairies and dolls than my lost  iPhotos
                                                                     Right !!!!

The author, Rose Amy Fyleman,was a woman of exceptional talent, who translated many rare children's books, from French and German, to their first English editions. She was also the editor of one of the first children's magazines, the Merry Go Round.... But of course, she is best known for her delightful fairy poems. I would like to share one of  my favourites with you.

                                                                   " THE FAIRIES "
                                                                         Written By:
                                                                      Rose Fyleman
                                                                       ( 1877-1957)

                                            The fairies have never a penny to spend,
                                            They haven't a thing put by,
                                            But theirs is the dower of bird and flower
                                            And theirs is the earth and the sky.
                                            And though you should live in a palace of gold
                                           Or sleep in a dried up ditch,
                                           You could never be as poor as the fairies are,
                                           And never be as rich.

                                           Since ever and ever the world began
                                           They danced like a ribbon of flame,
                                           They have sung their song through the centuries long,
                                          And yet it is never the same.
                                          And though you be foolish or though you be wise,
                                          With hair of silver or gold,
                                          You can never be as young as the fairies are,
                                           And never be as old.

                                                   your teatime and your week , my Friends

Sorry for the short post ... I'll be back next week from my travels, with a renewed spirit and a  "solution", for my iPhoto dilemma. In the meantime, I'll be  looking for a nice, quiet little  tea room
                                                                              and  a                  
                                                       " Fairy Godmother" on the Island.

                                                                "Fairy Godmother"
                                                                   fixes computers.

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Monday, October 13, 2014


There are FAIRIES, at the bottom of my garden...

Won't you come in please and see. ...  First, let me find you a pretty cup and  then we'll have a spot of tea.

"Paragon" china is known for it high quality of  of tea ware and tableware. They are  always a lovely selection for  teatime.  This particular design was appointed by H.M.The Queen and H.M. Queen Mary . It has  such an enchanting pattern, that looks like  a lacy chinz.

The choice of black and pink is always a charming way to envoch the  feminine side of life .

For some reason, it doesn't have an inscribed name , but I call her "Mary",  because of all the frilly bits and pieces attached to the dramatic beauty of a bygone era.

Paragon china has been granted many royal warrants. There is an informative history on that you may like to  view. If, you have a Paragon teaset  or have even sipped from a cup,  you will understand the feeling of grandeur  and  royalty touching your lips...

I adore pretty cups so I chose a Royal Doulton figurine, from the ' Pretty Little Ladies " collection to serve tea today. Her name is Grace. Often, I buy china with the name " Grace" and give them as presents to my mother, who's name is also,  Grace... Befittingly ... at ninety-two,  she  does feels like a Queen at teatime.

Won't you sit down  for a teatime chat  while the tea is steeping..

Can you smell that sweet aroma?( 

Let me me  tell  you about, the fairies at the bottom of my garden.

Here is  the chart,
 I found to assist me with my identification of the little ' alien' clusters, that popped up at the edge of the woodland.  Can you find the  likeness?  I'll give you a hint, it's the biggest one
( ha ha)

They are  called " Shaggy Mane"  and are supposed to be delicious and edible, however , I think  that I will  stand in "awe" and just admire mother  nature's gifts !!!!

You can't imagine my surprise upon finding them ... It's the first time in seven years, that I've seen these mushrooms growing in the yard,  of course, we did do some excavating, which opened up a boggy area. Maybe it was all that summer sunshine !!!! .... Honestly ...  I have a complete cluster of  six or seven fairy rings ... and I am  so  very delighted !!!  
Do you believe in fairies?

So Yes ...

"There are fairies at the bottom of my garden!
They often have a dance on summer nights;
The butterflies and bees make a lovely little breeze,
And the rabbits stand about and hold the lights."

Rose Amy Flynn(1877-1957)

Ladies,Thank you for sharing your pink teatime  moments with me  today !!!
Remember that it is Breast Cancer Month.

Teatime Magic
in your 

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The colour "Pink"  is on the lips of every little girl and her daydreams... It is also the perfect colour to endear the feelings of gentleness and affection. Today I join Sandi at Rose Chinz Cottage  and her  " Pink Tea" in awareness of Breast Cancer Month with this charming little Foley, tea set. dated, 

It doesn't have a name, only a soft  hint of pink that seems to  symbolize   the  delicate  balance of health and well being for many women on their incredible  journey in life.

Although I've had this Foley set for years, I had never shared tea within  the delicate vessel.  Today is the day  ...  Don't you think that  the  colour "pink" tends to be a maternal colour !!!!!

Personally, I  do have a significant affection for everything pink . One might even say that I look at the world through rose coloured glasses. ( Ha ha) ... BUT .... What a  joy it is to be charmed  by the  gentle qualities  of  this " Pink" aura,  at home and in the garden    Here , I'm sharing my beautiful  pink, Stargazer Lilies. The blossoms were huge this past summer.

Their  rippled appearance  seemed to echo the lovely  lines of the cup and saucer with it's raised circumference. It's a flowing pattern that compliments the natural balance and  harmony of nature that I respect !!!!

The  china markings on the tea set  are that of E. Brain and Co. Ltd, who bought out his partner, Robinson & Sons in 1885 at the Foley works  in Fenton, Stokes-on-Kent. In 1963 he   bought the classic name ' Coalport , who in turn was bought by Royal Doulton.  

The evolution of china and creative patterns is a  fascinating study that we all, have maybe shared in another lifetime.  TODAY, I  herald the camaraderie, beauty and  the balance that we can glean from one another  and nature.... for only in God's garden can  we understand the fragile  miracle of life. I would like  to dedicate these double flowering Asian Lilies to all  ladies who, move between the intricate  pages of transformation ... Bravo for your courage !!!!

Today, I  contemplate a  calm sisterhood of  affection and love  by sharing  tea with you.

I wish you all, this delicate PINK desire of protection and love ... 

"YOU are a  Child of the Universe "
No less than the trees and the stars.
You have a right to be here,
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt
the universe is unfolding as it should.
( Desiderata)

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's  just the Balloon Lady and me, enjoying a morning cup of tea ... So Welcome !!!!!   I'm reminiscing over the brilliant  moments of Autumn while gazing at my gladiolas

How resplendid those elegant flowers look in that old pickle jar( Ha Ha)...I just couldn't find a vase tall and large enough to cradle the lofty stems , so I had to improvise in order to save them from  naughty Jack Frost, who has been nibbling about lately.

Actually, I was quite  content  with the retro appeal of the jar and the 1930-ish teaset that I had found at the flea market... It's  one of  approximately 1300 patterns  that the Johnson Brothers Pottery managed to   produce by the turn of the  20th century. This one, called ' Montery " seems to  possess all the warm elements of the season.

Look at those pretty blossoms gathered  around  this handsome saucer. Yes, I think that the cup is a girl and the saucer a boy (ha ha) since there seems to be quite a bit of charming  design chatting up  from this saucer. I love that art deco type edging too !!!

While most  pottery is difficult to date the Johnson Brother's collections, fortunately, have a reference guide available to locate and date your teaset pattern. Their guide is broken down into separate chapters based on shape or pattern of the china. There are three major plate shapes, scalloped, coupe and smooth rim. If you have a plate with a scalloped edge then you would proceed to the chapter marked scalloped edge,

where you would see  hundreds of illustrations to  assist  in identifying your china. The reference guide  also includes information such as the pattern name, number and history or production date. I was however unable to  identify the " Pareek " name which I thought might have some significant value...If you know anything about this label ..Please do kindly pass it on as I'm so curious about it .

HMMM... Excuse me while a take another sip of my Earl Grey , the bouquet is quite intoxicating.

Plus taking a little sip break  allows me to enjoy  the abundant gifts that Autumn has  shared in the garden.  The gladiolas are still blooming amidst the cool temperatures. These elegant looking flowers are one of my favourites.

As a child I used to visit an elderly gentleman. who  exclusively grew,  hundreds of  gladiolas. Every Spring and Fall I would watch him  lovingly  tend to the plants and for that  happy childhood past-time , I always received a glass a milk and two freshly baked  cookies.( Ha Ha)..So of  course I visited quite often.

Childhood past-times often rub off and I quess , my love of this beautiful flowers is one of those childhood tributes... The brilliance of  colour  on these 36-48 inch  stems,  certainly sets the yard ablaze with happiness. ( Below) The sun was shining from the window onto the blossoms giving them a golden aura. Isn't Autumn Beautiful !!!

Drinking my morning  tea with the Balloon Lady and you has been so relaxing... Sometimes, it is nice to just drift away... So let go of a few balloons today and enjoy  the colour of life , my Friends
Thanks for your kind visits.

                                                             I'm sending you all ...

                                                             " A HUG IN A CUP "

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Found this Early Morning cup of tea  post  on pinterest ... It really made me smile  ( Ha Ha)