Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Today, I'm driving from the country to the city ... Would you like  to come along for the ride? ...We might see something interesting
... LIKE ...
A  beautiful heritage home.  

Ned and Fred ... Just a few nods from the locals.

Let's make a quick  stop at Victoria 's Veranda,

Sometimes, she has a thing or two  to buy.
Do you see anything you want?
Wooden Blocks( below) are quite rare these days.

Lookie, lookie ...Maybe that little teapot(below)  or the yellow children's table would  be  cute under a big old tree on a hot summers day... No time to dilly dally... COME ON ...  Let's continue the journey.

Time for a thirst quenching sip of Rose petal, " Honey Bush Tea", made and distributed in Langley, BC., Canada. It's an all natural blend that I bought at "Winners"...Tastes like honey nectar with a hint of roses.

A trip to the city takes  fifty-five minutes. We're almost there. Of course, in amongst my appointments, we have to stop at Value Village, because I have a 30% off coupon.... Here's what I bought .
One of three  pretty teasets...This one is a Sutherland , English China. I'll show you the other two, next week...because they're black and I don't want to darken the day...( Please excuse the lines on the page.) It seems to be out of my control.

I love those floral brush stokes. The little dashes of red amongst the blue petals is a precious touch too. It's  sort of perky !!!

OK... I'm Driving Home now. It's been raining most of the day ... OMG ... Who could imagine sunshine and a rainbow at 8:00 p.m.  " WHAT A BLESSING !!!

          We're half way home now .... HMMMM 
                     What is this I see?

 A MOOSE !!! 
That's a rare sight. Looks like he's drinking,
  "Swamp Water Tea"

He's a handsome young fellow, isn't he? ( Ha Ha)
It seems that we're being showered with gifts today.

Oh Dear ...My Iris' are languishing in this inclement weather . They're bent over,laying on the ground, due to heavy droplets of water ..TSK TSK

I just had to bring them out of the dampness.

Aren't the colours wonderful? They blend quite nicely with my new cup and saucer ... Don't they ? 
This, is the perfect ending, to a  busy day. 

As it should be ... with good teatime friends.
THANKS for sharing the journey.
ENJOY your week Ladies.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015



I quess, they are  not going to pop up  for tea teatime, but I know that you are.

                                        OK... I washed my hands, changed my clothes.
                                                             Funnily  enough,
                        I do  look somewhat presentable..OOPS ..I forgot to brush my hair.

 Today, I've chosen a pretty little teaset that I found in a Japanese Antique shop,
                         five years ago.  It looks like a Fragonard/Limoge doesn't it!!!

                      Fragonard was a French Painter in the courts of Louis XV and Louis XVl,
                                         who was famous for his romantic garden scenery.

                     Alas, it doesn't  have any markings on it, so I suspect, that it isn't a Limoge,
                                 since  most authentic pieces possess a stamps on the bottom.

                                                                    That's alright !!!!
                                      We can still enjoy the romantic beauty  of it's  floral fancy
                     and the rich aura of gold against our lips, while sipping our tea together.
                                                                      Can't we !!!!

The Japanese artisans were masters at copying fine details,
they  sometimes enhanced the natural beauty of the porcelain pieces by adding colour and details.
 The thick rounds of gold  on this vintage set  just seem to be screaming   " HELLO "
                                                                 ( BLING BLING)

             Hopefully, you don't mind that  I have decided on CREAM instead of half and half
                                   and SQUARE sugar cubes, instead of  loose granules...
                                       While  online I came across a little tea etiquette.
                                                   We can  all practise stirring our tea,
                           FORWARDS and BACKWARDS, instead of round and round...
                                               Just incase you have tea with the Queen.
                                                                           (Ha Ha)

                           INCIDENTALLY,  There will be  NO  fighting over teacups today,
                                    because they're all the same... and I have eight of them.

                                                        On the way over to my house ...
                                                YOU might enjoy the variegated colours
                                   of the lupines, that are growing throughout the countryside.
                                They paint such an ethereal  landscape  at this time of the year, with
                                             their bright purples, pinks and blush blossoms.
                                                                Aren't they pretty?
                                             Don't you just want to RUN through them?
                                                                          OK .....  
                                                                       WALK !!!

                                                                In the meantime,

                                                 Your cup is on the table  in the parlour.

I'll be waiting for you in the garden.


THANKS for stopping over .
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


TEATIME MEMORIES ....Saying sayonara to Japan  with Tea... Since I was going through pictures,  I though you might enjoy a  teatime memories with me . Hot stones, sand and fire  are stilled used today  in rural areas of Japan to brew tea .  Here is an example of an  antique warming pit where the  kettle was boiled for  tea  and  to supply heat.

                      This is my friend  Chie- san, whom we truly miss ... especially at teatime.
                          She is wearing  the silk shawl that I bought her as a good-bye present .
                                                           I think she suits the colours.
                                                                            Don't you ?

AH---The entrance to the beautiful restaurant in Kitakyushu.
First impressions are so very important in the land of the rising sun.

IKEBANA  is truly a gracious art. 
I did take some classes but can truthfully say, that none of my arrangements were quite 
as beautiful as this exquisite display.( Ha Ha)
It's alway nice to DREAM.

 Pondering the  ambiance of the oriental room with  a special friend 
 and waiting for our tea.

The Japanese share such simple beauty in their earthen ware tea cups.
Oriental artisans take great pride in creating their own original pieces. 
I was so surprised to learn that the colour of the clay and  glazes were
 unique to the areas where they are made.

YES... Tea definately tastes better, when it's cupped in your hand ... not to mention the warmth that radiates  into your soul as an extension from the cup . 
M-m-m-m... look at that rich brew.
Good to the last drop.

Chie-san  always makes me smile, even when she saying good-bye,
with her Minnie Mouse  telephone.  

This is just one 
' Happy Teatime Memory " ...

                                 THANK  YOU for  sharing  a teatime moment with me.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


"ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE "....  dah-dah-dah-dah-dahhhhh.... All you need is love, love, love love"
There's something about old songs and lyrics, that go well with tea. 
I tend to be a seventies and eighties music junkie when it comes to lyrics.
 How about you ?

                 Today, I'm dressing up for our belated  anniversary dinner
                                           but in the  meantime      
                                              IT IS  TEATIME!!!

        WELCOME to my rainy side of the world ... I hope you don't get too 
                                  damp and chilled on the way over.
                            A nice cup of mint tea will warm you up.

I love all floral teacups, but must admit, that rose china always catches my eye, especially if there's  a thick glimmer of gold. ( Bling Bling)

Look, there's even a golden droplet on the bottom of the saucer. ( Ha Ha) Probably the inspiration of an over enthused artisan who was late for teatime.

This teaset is really pretty and I'm over enunciating the word, p-r-e-t-t-y., as in " I FEEL PRETTY, oh so pretty".

Not only are the  blossoms  oversized but the gold is way over the hill, exaggerated with old world charm.

On a dreary day, who wouldn't want to drink from a rose tea cup dripping with gold?

( Ding Ding) It's  3 o'clock ... The tea is poured and some of the ladies are settling in for a good old Victorian chin wag or should I say gossip session. 
( naughty naughty)... 

What or who should we talk about?... and ... Did you know about this?  ... and ... How about that?

Well, I'm certainly glad that you are all getting things out of your system. I just have to get over all the rain ... AHHHHHH .... 
It's amazing what a cup of tea will do for the spirit.

May I pour you another cup of tea before your carriage arrives ...OH ... YOU came on foot, GOODNESS, you'll get drenched.( Tsk Tsk )  Never mind, YOU live in the twentieth century and it really doesn't matter.

Thank goodness, teatime in our day and age, is  just a nice, pleasant gathering of Friends, who discuss things like, the weather, gardens, family, loved ones, anniversaries

and of course 

             Thanks for indulging in my silly, rainy day, teatime  meanderings.

                                                ENJOY YOUR DAY
                                          "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE "

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