Sunday, September 16, 2012


"I'VE  GOT MAIL" ... This past summer I participated in the " Artful Gathering and took a Crazy Quilting 101 class with Pat Winters. ( Above image from Pat's magazine ) Oh what fun I had learning the ribbon embroidery art of crazy quilting. Patricia introduced me to a phone number and a lady, by the name of Trish, who runs a fabric store in Michigan. Trish will select and coordinate a crazy quilting stash for anyone, who lives out of town or out of the country ...PERFECT ....  I, of course, phoned and placed an order for quilting quarters and embellishments. The order has arrived ...Yeah !!!!

Tah Dah ....Here they are... in my favourite colours of pink blue and  mauves. Some are textured, some are silks, brocades and satins ... all are high quality fabrics that can withstand the scrutiny of embroidery needles and silk ribbon sculpturing. Where does one even  begin to choose!!!!

Look at all these scrumptious embroidery threads... metallics and Oliver Twists not to mention that six months ago , I thought Oliver Twist was a character out of Dickens... now I know it as a yummy embroidery thread that is blended with a variety of variegated colours.. I'm loving that  deep purple skein. 
I wonder what size of needle I will need  to work with it?  ... and what about the fabrics. There are so many things to learn in the textile industry.. especially when working with threads. My favourite source will be Patricia Winter. She knows everything ( Ha Ha)

( Whirl Whirl) My heart was in a flutter when  .... all the small , medium and large  butterflies and dragonflies flew out of the mailing envelope. ( flutter flutter) 

I can't wait use them in some magical  quilting creation ... Perhaps, I should make a whimsical  winter hat or purse for my little Grand-daughter, Auriane . What would you use them for ?

Oh My ..Wouldn't these sweet crocheted butterflies add a magical touch to a little girls party dress. Do you think I could crochet a few of these little cuties.?

All my teatime friends will be drooling over these little darlings.... I envision, bejewelled linens for my Tuesday Tea Parties and ornamental  charms for the handles of the  teacups and  edges of my teatime napkins. 

My favourite fabric from the stash is this golden metallic rose material. It's really much more dazzling in reality, than on the picture....It's a very mystical,  light weight fabric,  that shimmers beautifully under the light. it must be used for something very special.. I just don't know what !!! Ha Ha ....  Do You ?

Maybe , I should take a peek into the CQ Gathering magazine for some ideas.( Above image from Pat's  magazine )  Patricia always gifts her readers with the most beautiful " ciggies" to use in the quilting. Ciggies are the vintage images that are used to enhance your quilt. They are simply images that are transferred onto cotton, that you quilt and embroider around.... like this one.

The embroidery and beading  around these images enhance the  beauty of the quilt ... not to mention , giving it a vintage look.

Aren't  you glad that you got to peek into my envelope and  Trish's Stash. ( Hee Hee) ... I can't wait to begin my project .. .Which will be !!!!....  AHHHHHH ..... You'll have to wait and see..Dear Friends.

In the meantime you can contact Patricia Winters at: ( to order her " Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine or ...  simply  enjoy the art of crazy quilting chatter here at:" The Grand Lady".

DON'T FORGET,  to visit my friend Annette at: " Alot of "crazy ladies" hang out around there. I mean this, in the very nicest sense of " Crazy Quilting Ladies "
 Enjoy yourselves and have a lovely week !!!!


Annette said...

Oh to look at your stash again is just awesome. the soft pretty colors and all the do dads. Girl you are going to have so much fun and with Pat's magazine so much inspiratation in it each and every time. Thanks for sharing with us. xox

Zaa said...

You're so Welcome Annette... I was so happy to share the excitement with you ...xoxox

GinaBVictorian said...

Oh, how fun! An early Christmas present for you. Can't wait to see your progress and the finished project! It will be gorgeous, I'm sure! I just love crazy quilts. Have a great week! Gina

Zaa said...

Thanks for your sweet visit . Gina ... Hugs

Pat Winter said...

What a lovely stash lot. As for needles, I would say the chenille for Oliver twist larger threads and tapestry for the others. Looking at your beautiful colors make me want to begin another project. Have fun!
Hugs, pat (who truly does not know everything,but thank you)

Zaa said...

Ha Ha Pat... Thanks for the visit and advise .... We love you and think you do know everything ( hee Hee)...Hugs

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Oh what a wonderful stash of pretties! I always think planning a new project is the most fun. You are certain to have a grand experience.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my early Autumn decorating post.