Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Embroidery has always been a happy past-time  for me since childhood. This year , I was introduced to a  " Crazy Quilting "  class. It was a creative event, called , " Artful Gathering",  sponsored by the online Ning blog , " Roses On My Table " . I'm sure that many of you have either heard of it or have participated in this wonderful yearly event. If not here's the address: 

Today, I would  like to share a little crazy quilting   with you over a steeping hot cup of Earl Grey tea.. How do you like your tea  .... black or  with cream and sugar?

This was my first project, a crazy quilting  vintage purse. You may have quessed that I spent a lot of time stitching and drinking tea while creating this little treasure... Can you see the little beaded bee in the upper left hand corner? Isn't he cute !!!!( Buzz, Buzz)

Here's your teatime cup of the day .... The crackled look certainly does remind me of crazy quilting with all the  unusual edges and shapes in the pattern. This wide mouthed cup  generously shares the full bodied aroma of  Earl Grey with the olfactory nerve, ( hmmm-good) while sipping. However, it is best to drink a little faster as the tea does cool quickly in this spacious cup. It might even dictate, that two pots of tea are required before our teatime gathering is  over ( Ha Ha)

There seems to be  some confusion about the " Stanley " trademark  and  the"Stanley China Works"  as they  are completely different companies.  One being a fine china and the other an earthenware , Art Nouveau" styled pottery. 

This Stanley mark  is not part of the " Royal Stanley "  so I am assuming that this teaset belongs to the " Stanley China Works( Charles Amison &Co Ltd.) since there is never any  use of the word " Royal"  in any of the Amison pottery marks. 

Identification and valuations for vintage and fine china are specialist niches that require vast amounts of  knowledge and research material. Certainly, someone, more expertise could shed a little more learned  information on this particular subject.

The cup and saucer, both. share a twin  motif of golden leafed flowers, that resemble  roses. Quite simply, it's an elegant set that fits nicely into our millennium with it's crackled finished. I see a lot of artisans using the crackle medium for their projects.

 " Crazy Quilting",  is often referred to in the  textile art as  the art of crazy patchwork.  Some of you , may have inherited  one of these  crazy patchwork quilts from a great grandmother or aunt...
Lucky you !!!

 Have you ever  tried your hand at quilting? If not , " Crazy Quilting",  is a fun way to begin. This years classes were a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and  friendly camaraderie of the participating members. We all made stitching boo boo's together ( Ha Ha) 

Not only is it an Victorian art, but today it's a relaxing art form to thousands of Crazy Quilting Ladies, who share their work online.  This  art form began it's journey in North America,  in the late 1800's when asymmetrical and abstract shapes and stitches were introduced by the Japanese at the World Exhibition.   

The Victorian women relished the creative vision of incorporating this new look into their quilts ... and women's magazines supported the art of making these crazy quilts, catapulting it into the newest rage of the era.

 Embroidering, was something that I had learned in grade school, but the additions of beading, quilting, ribbon embroidery and making bees was new, delightful and habit forming( Ha ha) So,  " BEE " careful !!!

The last project that I created was an eye glass case for my mother-in-laws 95th birthday. She loves  pinks, mauves,hearts and  dragonflies ... So I hope she is going to enjoy this creative effort. I was able to spend some real "quality' television time while working on my embroidery ( Ha Ha) and  drinking  tea. Actually, I rarely watch TV, so embroidery and creating bees was a happy way to spend time with my 89 year old mother and  the" Downton Abbey"  television series.

I think teatime embroidery might be a better name for "crazy quilting", as it is ultimately, the most relaxing teatime art for anyone who wishes to partake and  become a crazy quilting, teatime lady.

So put on the kettle,  steep your tea, grab your cup and check out,
You might  ENJOY it !!!


Constance said...

Oh what a beautiful treasure! I'm crazy about your crazy quilting. I hope your television viewing was equal to the quality of your lovely pieces. :-)
Oh, and I prefer a splash of warm milk in my Earl Grey, thank you!

Zaa said...

Warm Milk it is Constance...Thanks for your lovely visit...Hugs

GinaBVictorian said...

Thankyou for the tea in the lovely cup! I love crazy quilts, wish I owned an old one! Your creations are just beautiful! Love the beaded bugs (bee and dragonfly). Happy Thursday! Gina

xinex said...

Very interesting and quite lovely too an intricate! You are very creative. I love the teacup set too, it's really pretty...Christine

Zaa said...

Hey Gina...It always so nice to have a teatime chat with you , Dear lady...hugs

Zaa said...

Dear Christine... after your busy anniversary schedule... you needed a nice cup of tea...Thanks for taking the time to relax and visit... hugs

Brenda said...

Oh, Zaa, I didn't realize that I haven't visited in a while so I scrolled through to catch up. I am amazed at all the beautiful tea cups and saucers. I love everyone and the colors are so soothing as well as I know your tea must be. Your "crazy quilting" is FABULOUS!! THAT, Grand Lady, is a very unique gift and talent you have there. I know your mother-in-law is going to be so excited to get such a special gift. I love the designs and that little honey bee is adorable and the dragonfly is special. And just think, these items can be passed down from generation to generation with stories of your love that went into each one. Your wonderful, Grand Lady, and thank you for sharing your awesome talent.

Zaa said...

Dear Brenda... You kind comments are so very much appreciated , as well as you sweet visit for tea...There's always a setting for you, Dear lady...Hugs

Kathryn Ross said...

Oh, Zaa! I am agog! How I WISH I didn't have so many work demands - this is my world - I do LOVE crazy quilting and would love to try my hand at it - if I only knew how to do it well! It has the same appeal that mixed media art collage with vintage images has for me - I am transported. If you have any green tea - I would love to share a BEE session with you . . .

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Zaa,
What exquisite work! Love the little creation for your MIL! I'm sure she will love it.
The teacup is beautiful and I love the colour! I always take my tea black, by the way, and it would be a pleasure to sip from your pretty cup. Thanks for joining me for tea this week and enjoy your weekend.


Zaa said...

Dearest Kathyrn.. Yes I always have a fresh supply of green tea in my cupboards... waiting for you ... You're always welcome to come for tea....Hugs

Zaa said...

Thanks Sandi .. I'm alittle late this week, but hopefully things will settle down and I might make the Teatime Tuesday on time ( ha ha)... Teatime with you is always a pleasure Dear Lady....hugs

Terri said...

Oooh Zaa! Your crazy quilting is glorious! What a pretty cup too! I have only seen Stanley a few times. Your cup is really a fabulous shape and a nice pink and gold design.
Creating and a good cup of tea go so well together!

Zaa said...

Dear Terri ... You're so right ... creating and tea do go well together and it's even more fun, when friend come to join into the teatime chatter... Thanks for the visit , my Friend...Hugs

kitty said...

I love your crazy pretty. Your teacup is wonderful, too. Thanks for visiting me! xo

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Your crazy quilting is lovely! And your teacup is so pretty, I love pink china.
Thanks for your visit and your sweet comment.
Besos from Argentina, Silvina

Zaa said...

Thank You for your kind visit Kitty ... Please do come again soon....Bright Blessings

Zaa said...

Dear Tazas ... Your kind visit is so at the "Grand Lady" ... I enjoyed reading your blog....Hugs

Annette said...

Hi, I thought I had commented. I bet I forgot to hit enter, I do that a lot. Your CQ is so pretty and love seeing about the cups. I just saw the little bee, buzz buzz.

Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

Princesa Nadie said...

Thank you for your tea ,I always have it with cold cream and brown sugar please
You make lovely and beautiful works

Zaa said...

Dear Princess Nadie... Yes I have a lovely brown cane sugar for your tea... Please do come again...Hugs

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The eyeglass case is just lovely! I love the pretty colors and your fun design! You are very talented!

Zaa said...

Hey Diane..
It's a pity party dream ... and our computers are working fine... HALLELUIA !!!!

I'm so happy that you had the time to stop over for tea , Dear Lady ... Hugs

Darlene said...

Love the purse and the tea cup. Really pretty. I made some crazy quilted stockings for the whole family one year. It was fun. I started a crazyquilt so long ago and it has been stored away unfinished. I hope one day to finish it. take care,

Zaa said...

Thanks Darlene..

Welcome to the tea party group... I love your little Marie Antoinette cup and saucer... Please do come and visit again soon...Hugs

Rosewalk Cottage said...

I love your eyeglass case. It is so pretty. I haven't done crazy quilting yet but it is something that I've always wanted to do.

Zaa said...

Thanks Clara... Teatime chats are always a please... Enjoy your week-end...Hugs