Tuesday, April 3, 2012


How does my Ladies garden grow... and in a  what colour?  I'm organizing my garden pictures, picking and choosing my favourites. Most memorable in my memory of Spring flowers are the tulips especially the  black or red/ burgandy frilled blossoms.

Color affects me ...  and, I think most of us are aware, that colours affect our moods. Color therapists,  believe that every organ is correlated to a colour, and that the body absorbs energy from that colour light, which in turn, sends healing properties to the appropriate body part ... so, I wonder which one I'm making the rendezvous with !!!( Ha Ha) ... Does colour affect you ?

Actually, today, I'm really breathing in  three colours, blue, red and green, in a quirky teatime type of way ... because ... Lookie, Lookie, at what  sprang up out of the cupboards today ... Don't you love the moody shades!!!

If you're an artist, you will have quessed that when you mix blue and red together, it gives birth to the  delicious, purple .... I do adore purple in all it's shades between magenta and violet. Purple is often  associated with nobility and royalty. 
    SO Ladies, don a few regal poses and pauses ...  lift the golden handles( above) and sip in the vibrant splashes of  teatime colour ... (slurp, slurp).  

If you have a sweet little pushed up nose ... ( like Miss Piggie) ... You'll fit, quite nicely into this  demi- tasse teatime .... along with all the other guests.

I have two of these little fairy cups, in delightful contrasting shades.  While, I've been dallying with  the  the  royal purples( above), it's time to resolve into the tranquil blues and green moods of this  Shafford teaset. Oh my goodness, What a  happy yet ,moody lady I am today !!! ( Tee Hee)

"Blue" is  he colour of the sky and sea, as in depth and stability. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, fairness of heart  and heaven.

The "green" invokes feelings of money( mine is all gone ), nature, health, healing, life and harmony.... AH .... Imagine all this magic, happening in one cup of tea ... ( tingle tingle) 
Are you perfectly moody yet, Ladies ... If not, you are more than, WELCOME, to another, thimble full of the " Earl Grey" elexir !!!

Despite it's Anglo-sounding name, Shafford dishware was produced in Japan,  during the mid 1900's to the 1970's. It is not  a pottery, but is marked as fine bone china. Their  teatime sets and novelties typically possessed a whimsical nature, such as the distinctive " Black Cat" and the "Rabbit Patch"  teapots and dinnerware. Shafford china  is always brilliantly decorated in vivid floral and vintage patterns that make them a perfectly magical, teatime companion. ( Sprinkle Sprinkle) 

  Even though the company no longer produces china, it's wares are still available in abundance on the resale market. You can look for  any of these delightful little pieces in local antique shops, thrift stores, as well as online sites and yard sales. Over the years, I have acquired quite a fanciful collection that I will, "show and tell ", another day.

In the meantime  M' Ladies ... Get into the groove or should I say mood  ...  You can  decide for yourself,  if you need a Colour Therapist to brighten your day or, just another  relaxing little cup of tea!!!
Thanks for the lovely visit my Friends.
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Zinnia said...

Colors also play a role in my life. I love your burgundy-colored tulips. Teacup and tulips are perfect matches. Very beautiful cup! Almost too beautiful to drink tea from. I wish you a nice day! Zinnia

Snap said...

What a pretty post! I love all the color. The tulips are gorgeous. Love the fairy cups ... tea, fairies and spring ... perfect!!! Happy Spring! Happy Tea Day!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I love your beautifully colored tea cup! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Constance said...

Your tulips are exotic and beautiful. Lovely post today!

Maria Andrade said...

You've got such lovely and original floral tea cups, Zaa!
I would never thought that a maker with that name, Shafford, was Japanese... We are learning all the time!
I loved the imaginative text, too.
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Colour my world! I love crisp white with splashes of colour!I love the dark burgundy almost black velvet deep burgundy.Your tulips are just beautiful! And yes, for me colour changes a mood! Yvette

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh yes, colour affects us all. Your tulips are scrumptious and exotic looking. Love the teacups! How pretty they are. I always enjoy my visit with you, Zaa! Thank you for joining me for tea and Happy Easter!


Terri said...

Thank you for your interesting and beautiful "color" post! The burgundy tulips are stunning!
Your tea cup too is quite the vibrant beauty. I love the shape and design very much. It is a cup for an artistic day, to wake your muse!

Zaa said...

Thank You Ladies for such supportive and colourful comments... Hugs

Cinderella Moments said...

Beautiful tulips! And great teacups! I love the strawberry teapot too. Such a cutie!
Happy Easter!