Sunday, April 8, 2012


Wishing you all a " HAPPY EASTER" ...  in traditional Victorian style, with homemade cards.   Creating ATC's is a happy past -time and so are colored  eggs and rabbits. Here, I've  created a quick and easy card from the Victorian trading card templates, which we call Artists Trading cards.  It's so easy  and so much fun, fun, fun ... Ready, get set ...GO !!!!

 First, choose some  light weight  paper  for your egg. I  used pink and green origami paper and a contrasting floral pattern for a Spring  twist.

Cut two pink ovals and two green ovals, then cut four  floral ovals ... now you have  eight ovals that you can glue together  ... Are you following ?  Two pink with floral backs   and two green with floral backs ... Tah Dah .. You have four reversible pretty little egg shapes !!!!  Fold all four in half and use decorative scissors to cut around the edges. Are you having fun yet !!!

You may wish to  burnish  the edges with a  pigment ink pad ... I used metallic metal around mine to  hi-light the wave.

Choose a  strong stock paper  for your card, cut to  an ATC size ( 2.5 X 3.5 ) ... I chose a decorative  red with a pink  glittered polka dots to pull the pink on the egg. It worked nicely !!!

Glue, one folded half to the ATC and then butt the other folded half, up against  the middle and press it down securely. Now, you have an egg shape that flaps open on the sides, displaying the flowers.

I found  some  bunny stickers in my  craft stash  and  positioned it  onto the middle of the egg, to give it a little more dimension.... Cute..Cute !!!

Color makes such a difference ... Here's my  green bunny card ....Which one do you like best ?  You can write a little message  on the floral flaps of the egg, if you want to get  more personal. Then,  send them  to your friends, family members or grandchildren, in good old Victorian tradition. Imagine a handmade card from Grandma. .. A treasured keepsake !!!

 It's fun. It's easy 


Cinderella Moments said...

That's just so adorable! I love the glitter dots. Happy Easter!

Zaa said...

Thank You Caroline ..Happy Easter to You !!!...HUGS

Maria Andrade said...

Hi Zaa,
I loved your Easter egg postcard!
It's really something a dear friend or a grandchild would find precious to receive...
And it can be adapted to other occasions, with stars or hearts for example...
Thanks for sharing and inspiring...

Lady Linda said...

OHHHHHH so cute! You are so talented and creative. I enjoy seeing what's next in your world.
Thanks for sharing.

Zaa said...

Thank You Maria... I appreciate your kind comments and vista, Dear lady... I'll be popping over to your blog for some teatime refreshments...hugs

Zaa said...

Thank You Lady Linda... It's always such a pleasure to chat with you...Hope to share a cup of tea with you soon...Hugs