Sunday, January 1, 2012


INSPIRE yourself ... Fill your new year with artistic dreams and wishes ... Give yourself space to journey far and beyond the creative limits.

Today is January 1st .. the beginning of a new adventure for us all . When I think of the months to come I am encouraged to rally creatively and to stretch the limits of 2012. Perhaps, I shall endeavour to create more ATC's , paint with my acrylics , create more Mataro or Washi dolls. Goodness , I might even try a new tea.( ha ha)
May I extend warm wishes to all my dear friends here at the "Grand Lady" .... and welcome you to enjoy the odd cup of tea that is filled with the sparkle of excitement, zest of adventure and the twinkle of something new to fill your heart.

A sweet cleansing of the spirit is always good for the soul ... Please do take the time to care and love yourself ( hug, hug)... to pause for a moment of relaxation ( mmmmmm) and to smell the roses( ahhhhhhh) .... that are certainly going to bloom!!!

Go for it Ladies .... This is your time for growth and exploration .... ENJOY yourselves and please do add a little extra sugar to the teacup if you wish .... YOU DESERVE IT !!!


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