Monday, January 9, 2012


Life wouldn't be complete without an imaginary dolly's teaparty... and Emma is ready for a cup of tea... Since, it's only Emma and I in the music parlour ...Would you like to join us?.It's rather nice to have a teaset befitting a dolly... My, oh my, but it conjures up all kinds of childhood memorabilia. Did you have a little china teaset when you were young? Wasn't it fun to pour the imaginary tea, chitter chatter with your friends and politely add one and two lumps of sugar,while munching on a shortbread.....What a happy past-time !!

Oh, I almost forgot to show you, another little present that was under the tree from Santa.... Yes, this lovely green tea set is another creation of Canadian artist... Cynthia Davis. ( )
It reminds me of the coming Spring ... which is only 3 or 4 months away ( ha Ha)..Wishful thinking!!!!

I'm quite smitten by this egg artisan. See how delicately she has trimmed the cup and painted the flowers. The teapot is a chickens egg, balanced on a tiny wooden base and the cup is a pheasant egg, beautifully coated in an pearlized finish. OOPS....The only thing missing is a saucer for the cup. ( Ha ha) ... but then who's drinking from their saucer!!!!

In many cultures, the egg has long been considered a token of love and friendship . It's a miraculous source of new life, believed to possess great magical powers... so it is the perfect vessel for our much loved teatime.

In her creations, Nova Scotian Artist,Cynthis Davis utilizes a wide variety of unique eggs starting with the smallest Zebra Finch, budgie,diamond dove, love birds,parakeet, button quail, cockatiel, robin, bob-white quail, pharaoh quail, serma chicken, pigeon, Japanese bantams, Hungarian partridge, guinea hen, pheasant araucana chicken, tinamou, chicken, duck, blue duck, turkey, peacock, goose, swan, rhea, emu, ostrich, and the most unusual and largest alligator eggs. WHEW ... that's alot of eggs !!!!

I do love the intricate features of these tiny vessels... Take a peek inside ... there's room for a wee spot of nectar.... Would you like a sip?

Emma and I have certainly enjoyed the pleasure of your company today... and hope that you will visit us again soon. We found a teatime poem in our online travels .

I'm sending you love and tea,
To warm your winter's day.
Think of me as you pour your cup,
And all the good things we would say,

If we could be together now
Instead of miles apart,
We sip our tea and memories
The sweet warmth fills the heart. "

(Written By: Susan Young)
Savour the teatime flavour and ENJOY your day !!!


Antiques And Teacups said...

The egg artistry is really fantastic? Thanks so much for sharing!

Que Bella said...

What a lovely tea set! Beautiful artistry. I love the dancing dolls in the pictures, too. Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

Zaa said...

Thanks for you kind visit Ruth ..Enjoy your day ..Hugs

Zaa said...

Welcome Michelle... so glad you joined us for a little teatime chatter...Please do come again...hugs

Linda M. said...

Hello, Very different and beautiful too. Have a wonderful week. I'll think of your when I have my tea this afternoon. Warmly, Linda

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Zaa,
What a lovely tea time with your dolly! The eggs are such exquisite works of art and to think Cynthia Davis is a Maritimer too! Thanks so much for sharing with us today. Delightful!


Johanna said...

Hi Zaa,
Emma is a beautiful little lady and I am sure, she had her tea in best manner. The tea set is amazing. I have never seen something like that. Really beautiful artistry. I remember that I had a little china tea set with blue cherry blossoms on it. When I got upgrown I bought in the very same pattern my first real tea set.
Best greetings, Johanna

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I have never seen a teapot made of egg. This set is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Just love it. Martha

Zaa said...

Greetings Linda... So nice to hear from You .. I shall raise a teacup to you also, my friend...Please do come again ... Big Hugs

Zaa said...

Yes Sandi ..It's always nice to have a home grown artist in our mists... She travels alot of the Christmas fairs... so keep an eye oout for her... Thanks for the kind visit and take care of yourself... Big hugs for a speedy recovery,...Blessings

Zaa said...

Thanks Johann..Oh yes..Emma was on her best behaviour for tea with lots of please and thank you's...( Ha Ha)...How wonderful that you found a matching teaset to your childhood set...It was definately a heavenly gift... I love you visits Johanna...Big Hugs

Zaa said...

Thank You Martha... I'll be getting back to the cups next week..because I'm missing my teatime sips... there's not much in these little eggs sets ( ha Ha)... but I am glad that you like them... Stay healthy , Dear Lady .. Hugs

victorian parlor II said...

What a lovely post! The egg teapot and cup are amazing!!! Hope your new year is going well:). I wanted to visit some of my favorite bloggy buddies while I had a break!



Kathryn Ross said...

So sweet, Zaa - such an elegant dolly and a whimsical teatime to match! Joy to you!

Zaa said...

Hi Kim... I tried visiting you but alas found that you weren't home ...Hope you had a wonderful festive season...Blessing for a happy and healthy New Year...Hugs

Zaa said...

Bright Blessings to you too Kathy ... Looking forward to your next story at teatime... Best Wishes for a Happy New Year..Hugs

High Heeled Life said...

WOW exquisite! The details and even the tiny flower inside the cup is breathe taking. The pink teapot below is beautiful beyond words. Your Geisha is also most darling. How wonderful ti have been able to experience Japan and see tea being harvested first hand. I hope to one day have the opportunity to have such an experience and to be able to order it directly from there!

Thank you so much for your visit and sweet words. Yes the era of MA would have been something else ~ I would have even tolerated the carriage rides and long travels. One can dream... wishing you a blessed week. xo HHL

Cindy F. Adkins said...

Your tea set is incredible! I've never seen anything like it in my life! Emma is very beautiful, too. Thank you for visiting and your comment on my friend's English tea set. I, too, love the thatched cottages and all things British, actually.
Hugs, Cindy

Zaa said...

Ha Ha ... I think a MA carriage ride be invigorating...I truly enjoyed your post... Thank You for such a lovely visit... I wish that all your dreams may come true in the New Year. I see that Japan is waiting for you someday soon,...It's in the tea leaves , Lovely Lady ..Please do come again ...Hugs

Zaa said...

Sweet Cindy ...

It always a pleasure to hear from .. I look forward to many more teatime chats with you ... Hugs