Friday, August 19, 2011


Morning walks are always exciting, especially with Dolly, my seven month old Spaniel. The mist was rising and the birds were trilling in song... Dolly looked  up, way up high, to see where all the twittering sounds were coming from. She cocked her ears from side to side and wondered about those strange creatures overhead... then frollicked after a, run, run.... Oh, it's a puppies life in the country.... Isn't it !!!!

I would imagine that the path hadn't changed that much since the Grand Lady was built  over  one hundred  years ago . I pondered, how many people may have journeyed this same woodland path,  by foot,  together or by stage coach. The carriage gutters could still be seen through the thickets, where the wooden wheels  had worn away the  earth, grooving and carving their mark for history.

The brooks were bubbling and gurgling, where we stopped for puppy  to lap up some of the  spring water ... then suddenly ( SPLASH)  ...  Dolly,  proudly,  jumped  into the muddy ponds to chase the   dizzy little water bugs.  I laughed at her curiosity and playfulness ."Good Girl Dolly"...( Pat Pat)

What a lovely autumn day !!!! I say autumn, because the morning mists  were still rising from  the cool dampness of the night air . At the same time,  the leaves seemed  to  be doning  a new array of  colors ." It's too soon for FALL", I sighed .

Don't you marvel at the humble beauty of nature? I suddenly realized that, Dolly and I , were  surrounded  by blooming daylilies,.You know... the wild daylilies, that glow and open in full cup, to drink  the warm sunlight. The blossoms stretched far beyond the corners of my driveway, deep, deep into the woods, where ( SHHHH) the fairies live... At least that's what I like to think!!!!

In Victorian language, the tiger lily represents wealth and pride.  In German folklore, the soul  is supposed to take the form of a flower such as the lily.  AH ... the romantic sentiments of days gone by !!!

It's much more fun to fall into the imaginative  powers of nature than reality, especially on such a lovely day ....As I remember, in Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,  it was this old fashioned tiger lily that lured Alice into the looking-glass garden. Oh my goodness, we all know what happened to ALICE.  I wonder if Dolly and I might see a White Rabbit on our way home....OOPS !!!!

 Too late ... We're already under natures' spell.... The teaparty has begun and the guests have arrived. Would you like to join us !!!!


Kathy said...

Would love to join you in your walk with your Delightsome friend and to join you in tea! Thank you for sharing this marvelous post with A Return to Loveliness,
God Bless,

Zaa said...

Thank You for such a pleasant visit Kathy ... Please do visit the Grand Lady again...I will stop by your blog, my friend... Hugs.