Monday, March 14, 2011


It's almost EASTER and of course the Easter Bonnet parade... of by gone days.

 The old saying was ...  " If you want to get ahead and get noticed, then wear a hat" ... In Victorian times hats were the height of fashion and authority for women and men .. You were often judged by the chapeau you wore.

What fun they had creating in this wild period of lingerie hats... every hat was bedecked with an abundance of cabbage roses, poppies and gerberas flowers. Every trim you can imagine ...  lace, whole birds, bunches of cherries, blackberries,  mephisto feathers, rossettes and ribbon were all gathered  in efforts to  produce the latest and greatest in hat fashions, for the aristocratic ladies of the  era.

Goodness , I would have failed miserably in those days  ...  As a child , I was always adverse to wearing a hat.  Every Easter , my sweet mother bought me a new hat...   I complained  bitterly,  because I had to wear this " THING" on my head.... and it was usually purple with multi colored ribbons  or a floral spray.

Funnily enough ... As the years rolled by , I found myself searching for the odd  decorative flower or pompadour hat for weddings and social events.

It's so interesting how the world turns and reverses .... Now I find myself designing paper and fabric  head creations for my dolls as well as myself... I'm not sure if I'm getting older or younger in age.( Ha Ha)  all I do know is that ,  I have become quite fond of hats !!


Nancy said...

These are beautiful images! Like you, I'm drawn to the vintage images of ladies in hats. I used my favorite one in a recent vintage-style notecard swap.

Zaa said...

Oh Nancy ... Thank you for your kind comment..I love the hats too..Wouldn't you like to wear one ?( ha ha ) xoxo