Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The day in the life of the " Grand lady " consists of grandiosa dreams of elegantly  decorated Victorian rooms . High ceilings, fabulously papered walls, oak doors and trims, ancestoral pictures adorning the rooms and  superior  chandeliers  that somehow create that perfect romantic ambiance of  the Victorian period. Yes ...  Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, enabling us to imagine how it all was, before we were born.
Then Slam Dunk ..REALITY sets in  and the Grand Lady is knee deep in   five layers of wallpapers and  a room that resembles a war zone. Saddly the truth about renovating an old house is that  ..IT IS ALOT OF WORK !!!! ( Huff  and Puff )

Vision , patience and the ability to look past the rubble into the ' eyes' of the old girl is a must . I mean doesn't every old gal deserve a facelift sometime in her life... Doesn 't the Grand Lady deserve to become a " Swan" in the fading days of her somewhat crusty  centurian youth... YES MA"AM !!! 

This is the curved plaster wall in my music room....Thank goodness it's intact.... I must admit I felt like a Cosmetic  Surgeon peeling the layers of paper off the face of these walls. It was like peeling an onion. Sometimes you just sit in the mess and sometimes  you cry  for joy... Halleluia, bring on the plasterers !!!!! Infact Let's invite them all for afternoon tea !!!!


Nancy said...

I always admire those with enough vision to see past the work and to the outcome. A music room... wonderful!

Zaa said...

Yes nancy.. I have a piano and instruments so I need a musicroom( ha ha ..Thank you for the kind visit Nancy... HUGS