Wednesday, February 7, 2018


B-R-R-R-R- ...  Heavy snow mixed with ice pellets and freezing rain means that I need an  invigorating tea blend to warm and spice up the temperatures ...  that’s why ....


Luckily, I had two bags stashed in the tea cupboard from the now, extinct " Teavana "  shop here in Fredericton... OOPS... I forgot that my daughter claimed the "Opera Winfrey Chai" ...  but fortunately, she didn’t find the the "Samurai Chai".  It is best described as a sweet and spicy infusionof cinnamon and citrus with soft undertones of papaya. 
H-m-m-m. It’s perfect on such a cold and wintry day? 

In Hebrew, ‘ Chai” means “ Life”  and  depending on the brew, there are various benefits to our health. 

“Chai” is a traditional Indian Tea that has been used for centuries in Eastern Medicine. I have heard, that it strengthens the immune system ... PLUS ... It tastes GOOD. 

I found this strange little celadon pottery teapot in Japan ... I believe that it is Korean in origin , but celadon pottery is highly attainable in Japanese Antique stores simply because it is Korean ( Ha Ha) I’m wondering if it may even be a saki vessel. Wouldn't that be a twist to our teatime!!!

Anyways , I’m making tea in it today. I do hope that you ENJOY it !!!


To make eight  fluid ounces of tea, the merchants recommended 1.5 scoops into an infuser of boiling water,  then steeping it for five minutes.

 Unfortunately,  eight fluid ounces  is hardly enough for us all ...  Soooo .... Let’s be naughty and triple the recipe ... OK

One other oddity to our teatime is that the chosen cups are a little on the small side. So, by adjusting the recipe, we could probably have two cups each... which is PERFECT !!!!

Now, Ladies ... the daunting task, is to choose which cup that you want. YES ...  It is a very hard decision, since they are  all identical  !!!( Ha Ha)

I’m certain that you would enjoy drinking from these half sized vessels, because the tea set has been created from a very light weight porcelain, which means thin sipping rims ... MY FAVORITE.

When I lived in Japan, second hand items were very inexpensive, regardless of their original value. I noticed that most Japanese  people love new items, infact, they rarely keep old furniture and china ... THAT ...  is a great buying feature for tourists, however the attitude and markets may have changed since I was there.

Funnily enough, this particular teaset doesn’t have any markings, which I guess, isn’t all that unusual for antique items. I was just so attracted to the  artistic story board of the china which displayed three very exotic  geishas, meandering  in and about  the beautiful  garden scapes of this artisan ware. They
are  almost medieval style.

                      It is really quite an lovely pattern that just might have a special story to tell.

Maybe It is a story of unrequited love !!!!

I shall have to ponder  the cups while drinking my tea ... I ’m sure that you and I could all come up with a good story line since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner ...  In the meantime ... Here is a  “ Chai “ Tea recipe that you might want to try. Please know that for the black tea, you may use English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe or any other loose leaf tea for this recipe.

                                                   BASIC  “CHAI “ TEA RECIPE

                                                Boil in saucepan over medium heat.
                                                3 cups water
                                                5 green coriander pods( crushed )
                                                1/2 tsp. cinnamon
                                                3 pieces star anise
                                                2 tsp. fennel
                                                1/4 tsp ground  nutmeg
                                                1/4 tsp ground ginger
                                                1/4 tsp. ground cloves
                                                8 black peppercorns

                                               ADD,then return to boil
                                               1 1/2 cups milk

                                               ADD, then simmer for two minutes
                                               6 tsp  black  tea

                                              STRAIN, and serve with sugar
                                              cinnamon stick and star anise.

                                                    ENJOY YOUR TEA LADIES !!!!

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kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh I would love to join you for some chai tea with those beautiful teacups!! I LOVE chai tea, and here you've even shared a recipe to make our own. I love the aroma and the spiciness of the chai, and yes so perfect for cold days to warm our souls.

Louca por porcelana said...

Hi Zaa!Love your post!Your teacups are very beautiful and I love the celadon porcelain too!Best wishes,Maristella.

Margie said...

Chai was the blend that launched my tea journey. I always like to try exotic variations of a chai so I wished that I can sample your Samurai chai...could you taste the papaya. I also love Earl Grey so I can't believe that I haven't tried an Earl Grey Chai blend yet!

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. Your chai sounds delicious! And the teaware just lovely.

Zaa said...

Thanks Kitty ..I do hope that you are able to try the recipe...Hugs

Zaa said...

Thank For your kind visit Maristella.

Zaa said...

Hey Margie .. This Chai is spicy with a very slight papaya undertone... so it really depends on your taste buds. I made mine a little weaker so I could taste the full bouquet of the ingredients...Thanks for your kind visit.

Zaa said...

Thanks for visit Marilyn..Please do come again.

Jean | said...

Zaa, those cups are so beautiful. I do love drinking tea from a very thin cup. And the smaller size ensures the tea stays hot.

Zaa said...

Thanks Jean ..I always enjoy your teatime visits...hugs

Michele said...

What a lovely post. I learned much.

I especially didn't know in Hebrew "chai" means life. That's great to know!

My daughter's best friend when she was a child, and later in life her husband's best friend were both educated young people from Japan. I learned much from them kindly sharing culture and belief systems with us. One thing I learned is that secondhand items are usually not purchased due to the belief system that "things" can acquire the mojo/kharma/spirit of the precious owner/s. I know musical instruments and beds are especially only purchased new.

Funny thing though, with instruments - I am a musician and older instruments are sooooo much better than anything new. They develop a warmth that only time can provide.

Anyway, as the world gets smaller through culture exchanges and media overload, many of the young people don't feel as their older family felt - perhaps this will go by the wayside.

I cannot remember the name of a movie that one of the best Japanese anime creators ever - Hayao Miyazaki working with Studio Ghibli made and I learned it there too. It was taught subtly but beautifully. His films are absolutely amazing.

Anyway, this has gotten long, please forgive me. Have a beautiful day!

Zaa said...

Thank You for the delightful visit... Yes I knew that there was a spiritual element attached but coming from Canada was very happy to purchase some of their beautiful artifacts...I really do miss The Japanese culture of beauty and harmony. I will research Miyazaki and look forward to viewing some of them ... What instrument do you play? I am a retired vocalist so enjoy hearing about instruments and music. Please do visit ‘ the “ Grand Lady” again...ENJOY your day !!!

Ruth W said...

Hi nice to see you! I love chai too...and chai means tea in Russian. I love all your china...especially the blue and white! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing and for your beautiful posts! It's nice to visit you again! Hugs, Diane

Zaa said...

Thanks for your kind visit Ruth ..I always love reading your post..Hugs

Zaa said...

Thanks Diane... It so nice to be back sharing teatime with all you lovely ladies...xoxox

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hello, Zaa, I enjoyed my first visit to your lovely blog. I learned some interesting things about tea and the Japanese culture. Your tea set and tea pots are wonderful and thank you for the delicous-sounding chai tea recipe. Thank you for your sweet visit, too. xx Karen

Zaa said...

You are so welcome Beatrice.. Please do visit again soon...Best Wishes

Jeanie said...

This is so very intereseting, Zaa. I didn't realize the cups were so thin -- that does make for a wonderful sip! The cups are simply beautiful!

Zaa said...

Thank You Jeanie ... I’m so happy that you stopped over for tea... Hugs

Sylvia said...

Zaa, I love Chai and have been fortunate to find a local couple of ladies who sell Masala Chai which is the best I have tasted. I love the blue and white tea cups and I am one who loves lots of tea and porcelain cups. Thanks for the chai recipe. Sylvia D.

Zaa said...

Hey Sylvia ... Thanks for the visit ..I look forward to viewing your fabulous paper creations during teatime chats ... Best Wishes

Bernideen said...

Zaa: I promise to pick the cup on the top and not the bottom! I enjoyed seeing your Asian pieces and information. Your tea recipe is delightful too. Thanks for sharing and linking.

Zaa said...

Dear Bernideen ...
What a delight to read your sweet blog and have you visit... I missed you ....
I will look forward to having tea with you very soon
Big Hugs

Crystal Grandeur said...

Hello Zaa Glad you visited me to say you liked my post . Well in India we too say Chai for tea. Love the oriental touch of your setting. Pretty. Hope to see you again in my blog post. Love Sujatha:)

Tomoko said...

Hello Zaa
The little pottery teapot you found in Japan is beautiful, but it looks useless.
I like to see Japanese antique potteries. I think there are some arts potters make things in their own interest. It is difficult to know what they meant by making them but it is not bad.

The Japanese like new things.It is possible, as you said, time can can change the situation.

Personally I do not like to buy old furniture other people used even if I find value on it.
I feel old spirit from others, and it is not comfortable. But not all everyone.

I am not fast in English. Learning a second language "English" is my hobby. Writing in English is always challenge!! Have a good day.

Zaa said...

Thanks for your kind visit Crystal..Your blog post was beautiful. Hope to see you again soon...Hugs

Zaa said...

Greetings Tomato..
I’m so glad that you joined me for tea...Your English is very good... and YES , it is excellent practise writing an English blog ..GOOD FOR YOU.... I do understand that there are many spiritual connections to pre-owned possessions in Japan... Here, we love old traditional pieces and I am so HAPPY to have many beautiful treasures from Japan. Thanks for the teatime visit.


I love Chai tea as well and you have a recipe too! Thanks for sharing dear friend.
Such pretty oriental cups in blue and white... I love everything Oriental too and yes, I do have a good collection.
Thanks for dropping by, it's been a while we haven't visit.

Tomoko said...

Thank you, Zaa.
My English teacher is from Canada. He has been living in Japan for over 10 years.

Zaa said...

OMG Faby..So nice to hear from you ..I absolutely love visiting your beautiful blog.So glad that we had this teatime reunion...xoxoxox

Zaa said...

Hey Tomoko...
I used teach English/music in Japan so can appreciate the hard work that you are doing .CONGRATULATIONS.. I look forward to enjoying your lovely post ...Best Wishes

Red Rose Alley said...

You have many lovely treasures in your home. The blue tea cups are very nice. For some reason, blue china is the prettiest to me. My wedding china was even in blue. It sounds like you enjoy a nice cup of tea - tea time is one of my favorite times of the day. : )


Zaa said...

Thanks for you sweet post Sheri.