Wednesday, April 1, 2015


March was  Birthday month  ... with four out of five of us celebrating birthdates. .

March 16th, 17th 18th and the the 29th of the month..Whew, that's a lot of cake.

This was the beautiful cake my girlfriend, Renate made for me ... It  was certainly a pleasure to share it with my 92 year old mother( above )

Of course, there was no room for all the candles, but that's OK, because, now you have to quess how old I am ( Ha Ha)... and ... I'm not telling !!!

February and most of March had been a trying time, health wise for  both my,  mother, mother-in-law( 97) and other  family member, so  this was a much needed party, filled with sing song, story-telling and  teatime camaraderie...

                                   If you hurry over  Ladies... I'll save a piece of cake for you too.

                                                             WISHING YOU ALL
                                                            A BLESSED EASTER


Ruth W said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful cake...and friend! Hope you have a lovely Easter as well.

Debbie Harris said...

Happy Birthday to each one of you! My your friend makes beautiful cakes, and looks delicious. Yes, I will be right over and oh a cup of tea would be delightful!
Your dear mother is a beautiful lady and looks so young. :)

May your spring bring with it good health for those of you who have suffered over the winter.

Have a blessed Easter,
Joy! Debbie

Zaa said...

Thank You Ruth ..It's so nice to hear from you and what a lovely limoge teaset you have displayed on your earlier blog...Hugs

Zaa said...

Dear Debbie...
Thank You for the lovely visit...I did pour you a cup of tea to have with the cake... It always a delight to chat ...Happy Easter...xoxox

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Well Happy Belated birthday to you Zaa and all the others, I have a birthday on Monday, although not March anymore.
The cake looks fantastic and your mother looks beautiful!
Have a blessed Easter weekend,

Zaa said...

Thanks Gina... and Happy Birthday to you too...Hugs