Monday, December 1, 2014


"T'IS THE SEASON" ...  Do you have a Christmas list  ? I threw mine away and decided to hit the streets with a Fa-La-La...I can't wait for the Christmas  Carols to start.

Welcome Ladies ...Let's have a good old  traditional cup of tea  in a  traditional green  cup  to get us warmed up and  into the  Christmas mood ... This festive  Ansley set fits perfectly into the spirit of the  season.  

Doesn't all  that golden ric-rac remind you of  wrapping tinsel about  the christmas tree, especially while singing , "Deck the halls with boughs of holly ("... and ...  Don't you think the ring of leaves could be holly? Maybe,we could all use our imaginations and put red berries on the cup. ( poof) There now ... Can you see the red holly berries?

I'm so glad to have teatime friends to indulge me and my imaginings .... During this magical season, it's always exhilarating to see the spirit of Christmas through a child's eye  and quite frankly, I'm only one step away from that ( Ha Ha)

This week, all the Christmas Carols are blaring on the CD player and the decorations  are being brought down from the attic. I love singing the old Welsh Carol " Deck the Halls" since it conveys  the significance of merriment, fellowship and social  events that  characterize the holiday season.

I'm ready to trim the tree and decorate the house, like the layers of this saucer ... however my creativity  may not be as ornately and skillfully edged around the house ... I tend to go out of the lines when decorating and I do not follow the strict rules of having everything perfect, since I'm eclectic by nature . 

Oh I almost forgot to introduce you my guest  " Chantelle "  a cute little Victorian Doll, who loves to sing  at teatime... Can you imagine a merry gathering in a hall that has been decorated in seasonal greenery and people dressed in their finest garb. Now, envisage a  room, warmed by a blazing fireplace with a harpist playing a golden harp ,while  you sit and sip on  your tea.

OK , back to reality, we need something yummy to go with our tea. How about some  Peppermint Bark ?.. Let's make it together Ladies. ..Only kidding...I have some already prepared.( Ha Ha) Usually, I buy peppermint chocolate  for hubby's  Christmas stocking but must admit to  munching a few  yummy bites. 

So today, we're  indulging with a  chocolate peppermint tea.  Can you smell it ?  Hopefully, the taste will  give us  that special bit of  synergy and  zing to sing and shop a lot ... On your mark , get ready, GO

Deck the hall with boughs of holly
T'is the season to be jolly
Don we now our gay apparel
Troll the ancient yule tide carol 

Thanks for the visit Ladies
 Let's   savour the essence  and flavours of Christmas
Drinking in the season  
with a teacup full of


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Ruth W said...

What a wonderful way to start the season! I have the carols on as this time of year. Your teacup is gorgeous! Love it! The rick rack trim does look like tinsel. Perfect! I am addicted to peppermint bark this time of year...but it's got to have a dark chocolate layer! Lol! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a fun post, filled with Christmas expectation! Love the figurine; she's lovely! Your doll is adorable and your teacup is gorgeous! What's not to love? And when you describe the teacup as only you can, she would be perfect sitting out on a Christmas tea table. I make almond bark but the peppermint is so pretty, isn't it? Thank you for sharing your light-hearted post and bringing a little bit of Christmas magic into our lives here in blog land.


Mom Wald said...

What a charming tea cup. It is so nice to hear people being festive instead of stressed out.

Zaa said...

Hey Ruth ..I love the dark peppermint bark too ( Ha Ha).. It's alway fun when you visit, my Friend...Hugs

Zaa said...

Your so welcome Sandi..Ij'm so behind in decorating that I have to encourage the spirit of the Christmas energy to take over ( Ha ha)..Almond Bark sound delicious !!! xoxoxox

Beth L. said...

Your teacup is quite simply elegant. I haven't done much for Christmas yet but it is snowing again here.... after our last snow had all melted away....... Perhaps the snow will help the season along.

kitty said...

I love to come to your house for tea, Zaa! Your lady shopping figurine is soooo pretty and Chantelle is the perfect guest. I'd love to sip tea from your Ansley teacup while listening to Christmas carols! Happy Tea Day and letting me pretend!

Zaa said...

Thanks Beth..Yes ..I'm sure the snow will add to the festive spirit..Hugs

Zaa said...

OH Yes Kitty .. You can play " pretend ' here as long as you want while sipping a cup of tea... SO lovely to have you for a chat..Thanks

BettyJean @ ShabbyTeaParty said...

Oh, I would love to sit in a grand fireplace room sipping tea to the sounds of harps and violins, dressed in a wonderful Victorian gown of course. And the room would smell of Christmas pines. Dreaming with you is so magical and uplifting. Thank you for stopping and commenting at ShabbyTeaParty so I could find you. Warm Hugs,

Zaa said...

You're so welcome to visit for tea Betty Jean.. Can't wait to see what you dream up next ...hugs

Bernideen said...

You are certainly getting us into the spirit of Christmas and that darling figurine is so fun in your photos. Your cup and saucer are also lovely! I enjoyed your posting and so glad you shared!

Zaa said...

Thanks Bernideen and I'm so glad that you join me for teatime...Hugs

Jill said...

Yes, the golden ric rac on the pretty green cup does remind me of wrapping tinsel on a tree. Peppermint bark sounds divine. I shall have to look for chocolate peppermint tea locally. Perfect for the Christmas season. I love your grand lady Christmas figurine. Is she Royal Dolton?

Karen said...

Hi Zaa,
The Aynsley teacup is just stunning and what a gorgeous colour it is! Your figurine is so elegant and how perfect they look together. We do have the same taste in pretties! Happy Tea Day! Karen

Carrie said...

Ooh your teacup with that pretty royal doulton Christmas figurine is gorgeous!