Monday, February 25, 2013


January and February,  flew in like a blusterous storm ... 2013 has taken it's toll on  family health with a fury. Only today, I am  able to give a sigh of relief that it may be all over. SO ....  I paused for a nice cup of tea, pondering the where for and why of recent occurrences.

I needed a special cup to warm my soul and remind me of my many blessings. While filing through Grandma's linen cupboard, I found the perfect set tucked way in the back of the long deep drawers. The musty smell of old paint, still permeated the inner heart of the cupboard. It seemed to be trying to jog my memory,when  like an old friend,  this vintage cup slipped into my hands with a warm hug.

The golden hues of the midday sun were filtering  throughout the house creating a calm ambience that settled onto the old  teaset. The reverent aura was gleaning my admiration for the  hand painted morning glories that were brightening my day. Morning glories have always been a  free spirit in my mind and at this moment I was enthralled by the light handed movement of the artistry on the china.

The teacup had an charming barrel shape, decoratively reminiscent of the old world that , quite simply wrapped itself around my heart. I thought ... "This tea is going to taste good"....m-m-m-m!!!!

The kettle water was  buzzing in haste, to be poured into the teapot, but my ambling pace was not to be disturbed. I was in a 'quiet space" inspecting the porcelain,  that seemed to be whispering in soft voices. like a beautiful poem.

Perhaps, china is like sea shells,  the closer you bring them  to you, the more you can hear .

" Music when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory.
Odours of sweet violets sicken.
Live within the sense they quicken;

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heaped for the beloved bed;
And so thy thoughts
Where art thou gone.
Love itself, shall slumber on."
... by Percy Shelley

I had always loved this poem and song and for some  unknow reason found a memorable link welding up within my being... It was so soothing !!!! 

As I poured the water from the kettle, my tears flowed as an outpour of emotion into the steaming blurred eyes look down at the saucer. It's pattern seemed to spread it wings,  like four white doves encircling me in a ring of gold... All was quiet, except for a few sobs of self indignation, wonderment .... and a grateful sigh of relief... Life is good !!!!

 Tea time can be a heralding experience of self reflection and rejuvenation, even when the whole world seems be upside down. The peace and harmony of an innatimate object can bring you to a place of calm repose and nonjudgmental awareness or ' witnessing' of the moment  and place you are in.

Either way you look at this Royal Albert cup, todays' teatime was the  moment  for being fully present  and drinking in the elexir.

Since I had been in Japan when the whole drama of the  car accident, my son operation in Australia and mother heart attack in B.C, the handpainted insigna on the cup gave way to for me to " let go".
The " Nippon " insignia was a giveaway as to the  teacup's  possible age of 90 plus years. I noticed a tiny crack by the handle of the cup, not broken, just a slight hairline that dictated the frailty of the vessel. 

How happy I was to have gleaned the lessons  and beauty from this innatimate object ..How fortunate we all are , when we take the time to connect with our inner self and our surroundings.

2013 had dealt me a pack of cards that forced my hand to play aggressively with the lives of my family members. Now that I have sipped the stinging-nettle tea, I feel infused with energy, ready to move forward, especially since the tea is noted  for it's excellent source of vitamins A,D, E and K as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, boron, silicon, and zinc.  Yes...... You might say that, I've been rejuvenated by an unsuspecting cup of tea and an old teacup.

Funny, how life's  journey is  like the aspiring little ripples that rim the golden band of the cup. Some are bigger than others. Some more beautifully displayed and others more fully experienced.

Today, I enjoyed the full flavour of my tea...I am so BLESSED, to have my husband, son and  90 year old mother still with me.  I am also, THANKFUL, for my friendly little teaset. Perhaps, he/she should stay around and share a few more friendly  teatime gatherings with me. 

 It's so nice to be back on track, enjoying the camaraderie of a teatime sip with friends. I look forward to  celebrating  a new passage of joyous  transformation in the months to come ..... like the Englebert Humperdinck song, " Please release me, Let me go ".

Wishing you beautiful sunsets filled with contentment and rejuvenation of body and soul.



GinaBVictorian said...

Beautiful post and beautiful teacup!Thanks for sharing your heart.

Terri said...

Hello Zaa,
I am sorry that you have had so much difficulty. I do hope that each of the things you are going through are getting better in some way. Wishing you the very best.
Tea is a comfort, a friend and a good excuse to stop and let go for a few moments. I am thankful for tea too. And for beautiful tea cups, like yours. It is really romantic. I love the coffee can shape tea cups. But I don't see them very often. I always think they are older. This one is really special to have. I am sure tea tastes amazing in it's delicate shell.

Constance said...

It's healthy to have rituals in your day, and having a cup or two of tea is the perfect ritual.
Roslind, is that you and your mother in that lovely photograph of the two beautiful ladies? Hello gorgeous!

Zaa said...

Thanks Gina .. So nice to hear from a sweet friend..Music to my ears... HUGS

Zaa said...

My dearest Terri .. I'm always so happy to talk with you and YES ... the tea shell is delicate but certainly refreshing and invigorating ... a strong support.... Thanks for the lovely chat... Big Hugs

Zaa said...

Dear Constance..,
Your presence is always so very endearing and welcomed.... Yes that is my mother and I on my wedding day... fond memories..I just about lost her and am so very relieved to have her and you for tea ...XOXOXO

Antiques And Teacups said...

I am glad you are feeling better. A cup of tea is so comforting, isn't it? And what a lovely teacup. Nippin pieces are so pretty! I hope you continue to improve and get back to enjoying life and blessings. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Lady Linda said...

I adore your posts and your cup is lovely! I am wishing better days for you. Tea is just the most comforting thing and it's so good to take the time to enjoy the pleasure. Take care...

Robin said...

What a sad start to the year for you, I am so sorry my friend. Sometimes our troubles seem too great to bear and we wonder how long we must struggle on so, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Your thoughtful post is so beautifully written sweet Roslind and your delicate china a reminder of the fragility of life. I hope that life improves for all of you soon. R♥

Lady Linda said...

Zaa, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award for upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers. Your blog is so beautiful and you were one of the first people I thought about. You do have to follow the rules I outlined on my blog when I won a nomination.
It is a bit of work, so you may not wish to do it, but do accept my wishes for you to be honored and encouraged.

Zaa said...

Dear Ruth .. it';s so nice to have you as such a caring friend...I always love to sip tea with you ...Hugs

Zaa said...

Sweet Lady Linda...
You always cheer me ... I so happy to have you for tea..and have special set for you always...xoxoxox

Zaa said...

Dear Robin ..I'm so very lucky to have my lovely teatime friends you to talk to ... I'm not often down.... but THANK YOU for you kind thoughts...BIG HUGS

Zaa said...

My Dear Lady Linda ...
You are indeed a special lady ... I humble accept your gracious gift and will endeavour to fulfill it.. Big hugs to you my Friend.xoxoxox

Zaa said...

Sweet Robin..So happy to hear your sweet voice.. Thanks for your kind presence her, Dear Friend..Ij'm off to visit you at your blog.....xoxox