Monday, December 24, 2012



The love  and joy of Christmas are ringing the air.  I've started mine with some good old Christmas albums and  the fabulous Perry Como singing  "It's "Beginning to look a lot like Christmas " ... for " What is Christmas, without the beloved carols of days gone by. My favourite is " Gesu Bambino"  and " O Holy Night".  Ultimately, Handels' " Messiah " lifts me to a place of spiritual gratitude and prayer. It is my favourite.

Beyond  that, Turkey and  cranberry sauce   fulfill my dreams of a Christmas feast past and present . "Christmas In The Kitchen ", is a heart warming  book created by John Beard, that dazzles the heart with a multitude of festive recipes for  four magnificent dinners , eighteen all time cookie recipes and complete instructions for a  gingerbread house.

There is nothing  as special as Christmas camaraderie . It's a time of gathering all the bonds and traditional treasures  together with one another . I love  to create small presents and tokens from the heart, but I also love to find just the right gift to slip under the newly decorated Christmas tree. There are many different ways to celebrate and mine is with little things in the sockings. It's always the most the most satisfying and the most fun !!!

My wish for every little child is to see the movie " The Littlest Angel "  or maybe even read this  glorious little book... I remember anxiously waiting for the Christmas week to arrive so that I could enjoy the magical  storytime  on television. Of course that was when , the " Bishop's Wife" and ' The Little Matchgirl "  were classics. It was also a time when Santa had a ' Naughty and nice "list... So you better be good ( Ha ha)

Speaking of good... actually sweet and innocent ....  My grandson " Hughie"  sent a letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

I am seven years old and believe in Santa Claus. All my classmates say you are not real , so I am the only one who believes in you. Would you please show me how to convince my friends that you exist Santa ....  and  I'm not asking but only wondering if it is possible for me to have a baby fox as a pet for Christmas.

Merry Christmas

 I think Mommy and Daddy should , purchase ' The Miracle on 34th Street " ..( old version ) and ENJOY the spirit and magic of Christmas.

I'm wishing all my teatime friends and  blog neighbours a  most Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


Robbie said...

Dear Roslind
Sending you best wishes for a very Happy New Year 2013! Enjoy New Years Eve
hugs Robbie♥

Zaaart said...

Thank You dearest Robbie ... Wishing you and your family a most Happy and healthy New Year...Hugs