Thursday, November 1, 2012


The morn is filled with the hazy spirits  of All Hallow's Eve, in a misty blanket of air that refreshes the soul with poetry. It's a  " November Morning ". 

A tingling, misty marvel.
Blew hither in the night,
And now the little peach- trees
Are clasped in frozen light.

Upon the apple branches
An icy film caught.
With trailing threads of gossamer
In pearly patterns wrought.

The autumn sun, in wonder,
Is gayly peering  through
This silver tissued network
Across the frosty blue.

The weather vane is fire tipped,
The honey suckle shows
A dazzling icy splendor,
And crystal is the rose.

Around the eaves of fringes
Of icicles that seem
To mock the summer rainbows
With many coloured gleam.

Along the walk, the pebbles
Are each a precious stone;
The grass is tasseled hoarfrost,
The clover jewel sown.

Such sparkle, sparkle, sparkle
Fills all the frosty air,
Oh, can it be that darkness
Is ever anywhere!

Written By: Evaleen Stein

Now , don't you think that  poetry and a cup of tea are a lovely way to start the day !!!!!  I do, enjoy the brisk and musical air of November.  I can hear the chickadees singing to the harmony of the little nuthatches that are frequenting our feeders.

To celebrate this invigorating month, I've chosen a teaset that fits perfectly into the mood of the day. ..... Tea for two and two for tea.... Won't you join me !!!!!

It's a Queen Anne  cup and saucer that I recently bought at Value Village. Although it's a little worn around the edges, it's uplifting beauty sent me a twitter as I picked it up, put it down and walk away down the aisles three times.... Heaven knows, that I don't need another cup and saucer.

" Tweet Tweet " .. the song of the little bird kept ringing in my ear as I did circles throughout the store....

How very silly of me to think that I could escape the the sweet rapture of this set ( Ha Ha)

Especially since I could get this fine china  for such a song ...$2.00. I had to buy it !!!!

RIGHT !!!!!

Most Queen Anne China dates to around the 1940's-1960's, which makes it vintage and a great addition to my collection.

It was just too pretty to resist.... I shall simply pour the tea into my pretty cup and create some teatime poetry ( sip sip).  Here is my humble poem ( Tee Hee)  It's  called , "Tea Bird "...written by moi....

Pretty Tea Bird singing in sweet fragrance on my cup
Come, chant a song of joyfulness to fill my daytime up.
With hazy hours of falling leaves that dance around the sky,
To hood the world in golden hue, where earthly brown does lie.

The leaves are fading, falling,
Still, your song is bright and clear
Every note a-ringing
Sweet Autumn time is near.

The wind is whirling,twirling,
The brooks seems dry and numb
No babbling,nor gurgling,
Just a soft melodic hum.

Where do you find inspiration? Probably in the most simple things you love...  like flowers and birds.

I find my greatest inspiration from nature.

Today, I have  found poetic inspiration in a cup filled with tea. Please do take the time to ponder some sweet inspiration for yourselves.

Thank You, for the pleasure of your " Sweet November" company.

Have an INSPIRING day !!!!!

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High Heeled Life said...

Beautifully written... and your darling teacup and saucer are certainly an amazing deal. and what fabulous inspiration...hugs, HHL

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning my friend,
I enjoyed your poetry so very much! I may borrow it sometime, with your permission of course!
I wrote poetry all the time when I was a girl. I too draw inspiration from nature, birdies and flowers. What a sweet teacup you found at VV; love it!
I very seldom find anything at ours. But when I go to Moncton, NB, it's one of the first places I go because their store is so much better than ours for finding china. Thank you for sharing this lovely post at my HOME and have a splendid weekend.


GinaBVictorian said...

Hi Zaa! Nice poem and what a sweet figure for your Sweet November post. I like your teacup, I wish we had a Value Village around here in mid Missouri! Sounds like some good stuff there! Gina

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your new Queen Anne cup and saucer. It makes my heart go pitty~pat!!!

Zaa said...

Thanks Celia... So happy that you stopped over for tea , next time bring puppy...She's so cute...Hugs

Zaa said...

Dearest Sandi ... Living in this part of Canada renews the poetic heart , even if mine is a little rusty..I had fun with my teacup( Hee Hee) So glad that you stopped over to share the morning, my friend....Hugs

Zaa said...

Hey Gina ... Yes , it's replacing all those little shops on the corner... so while we get some great deal...I truly mis the historical value that you see in locations... Thanks for going into teatime this morning...Hugs

Zaa said...

Hey Danette... You could even wear a pair of your fingerless gloves over for a cup of tea( Ha ha) ..Thanks for the visit...Hugs

Annette said...

Love your post here, well all of them. The new cup and saucer are beautiful. hugs

Lady Linda said...

I love poetry and what could be nicer than a poetry and a cup of tea! Lovely post!

Sandra Foster said...

Hello from Canada! Dropping by to say how much I like these white flowers - they are very pretty. Hope you are well my friend. Sandra

Anonymous said...

I think your poem is delightful! You are so clever. The teacup is very pretty, I can see why you had to have it.

Zaa said...

Hey Annette... I love your visits, my friend... Hugs

Zaa said...

Lovely Lady Linda... So glad that you stopped over for a belated teatime.... Enjoy your week...Hugs

Zaa said...

Dearest Sandra... How nice to have you for tea... I'm so glad to hear from you...Big Hugs, my Friend.

Zaa said...

Thanks Tracey ... It's such a pleasure to visit with you in blogland ...I love all your beautiful photography... Hugs