Tuesday, August 21, 2012


" Have you seen  but a White lily grow, 
Before rude hands have touched it? 
Have you marked but the fall of snow
Before the soil hath smutched it?
Have you felt the wool of beaver,
Or swan's down ever?
Or have smelt o' the bud o' the brier
Or the nard in the fire?
Or have tasted the bag of the bee?
O so white , O so soft, O so sweet is she! "
...Benjamin Jonson

I have beautiful lilies growing in my garden this year ... I whisper  to myself, "Oh, my heart be still"  as each evening, their  sweet perfume permeates the air ... Can you smell the fragrance? It's  akin to  music  flowing in and out with each breath.  

Now Ladies ... Would you please join me in the music parlour for a little teatime concert while we ' consider the lilies "( Matt:6:28)  

The lilies have dictated that all cups and saucers must be in shades of pink and of course, they must  also be adorned by garden family members...which are of course flowers.  I couldn't find any sets with lilies so a  tender rose will have to do  !!!

 This dainty cuplet as I call it, is a little less than a cup full of tea and a little more pleasurable. The reason being, that it is an afternoon teaset that welcomes not one but two or three cups of tea while chatting , or should I say gossiping.( Ha ha) 

I do believe that ' Gossip " was a  favourite  Victorian teatime  pleasure  ...  for who knows ,what was talked about, behind all those  teapots, teacups,gloves and fans.

I did giggle, while noticing  the  snobby  little  handle,  which is just a tad higher, than the curvaceous cup, allowing the wrist to relax and linger whilst listening  tentatively to the latest chit chat.

Oops,  one could almost  miss the saucer while leaning over to hear the whispers  across the table. " and then what happened " could almost be heard. ( ha ha) If you have a big imagination like me !!!


The Victorian socialites masked their teatime conversations with pretty tea cups and tea parties  to enhance their social status while gathering the latest news .  Todays  tea set is probably  early 1930's  with it's bold flowers and strong gold accents, however it is very delicate porcelain that is characteristic of Adderley Bone China.

The medieval  name dates  the pottery date to the seventeenth century. There is very little information available, except that in the 1930's  Colclough China Limited was expanding into tea and dinnerware. They took over the original smaller companies called Booth and Adderley. Then, in 1950, Colclough merged with the Ridgeway company and eventually became part of the Royal Doulton Group in the early 1970's. Somewhere along the line the Adderley name was  retained , as a fine pottery, whose history  boasts the markings of fine old  English China. Any contributing knowledge about the Adderley Company would be greatly appreciated.

Goodness , It's getting late !!!  Half past teatime Tuesday!!!

Please  bring your tea to the garden ladies and linger alittle longer in  the intoxication of the lily scented air... 

Yes, a good teatime chin wag   is as mesmerizing as the scent of the garden lilies. It's good to the last drop of friendship  sipped from  the cup.

I'm so  glad that you joined me for this  lovely midsummer  teatime gathering. We must do this again and again ... since I do have more gossip to tell.

Next Tuesday, we'll take a teatime peek into my newly renovated " Dancing Lily " Cottage . 


Johanna said...

Hi Zaa,
you made a poetic and very charming post. I really can smell the scent of your beutiful lilies in my imagination. The lily photos are fabulous. And I love the little red dressed Lady and the tea cup.So much beauty in one post - thank you for sharing.
best greetings, Johanna

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I love your cup today. Also appreciate the information about Adderly. I love to learn about these companies. I have to comment on the beautiful red dress lady. She is just perfect. Have a great week. Hugs, Martha

Zaa said...

Dear Johanna...It's so very nice to hear from you ...I'm so happy that you stopped over for a teatime chat, my friend...Hugs

Zaa said...

Dear Martha ..." Scarlett" is the dolls name and she part of a beautiful antique collection that I found in Japan. I was so surprised to find her sitting amongst the oriental vintage items... We've dated her to the early 1900's... Pretty Scarlett just loved visiting you at teatime... Hugs

Maria Andrade said...

Hi Zaa,
I don't know how I had skipped your poetic tea post.
I loved the poem, the imaginative presentation of this beautiful cup and the information about Adderley.
I never read about the history of this company but the date 1789 points to an early beginning in England.Now I'm curious and if I find out anything I'll let you know...

parTea lady said...

What a gorgeous Adderley teacup. I love your pink lily photos and lovely figurine too. How fun to imagine the Victorian teatime.

Rosewalk Cottage said...

This is a beautiful post Zaa. That's my favorite color lily and your teacup is lovely.

Zaa said...

Thank You for the sweet visit Maria...
OMG I'm so excited to find out more about the Adderley china.. and I know that you are a super sleuth at digging out the history. I'm so glad that you stopped over , dear lady...Hugs

Zaa said...

Thank You parTealady...It's always a pleasure to live in the past and pretend ( ha ha) when it's teatime... Hugs

Zaa said...

Thanks for the teatime chat Clara..It's alway nice to have you for tea...hugs

Annette said...

Oh the lillies are just wonderful and the red dress lady to cute. Love your writings. So glad to have crossed paths with you in Pat's class. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Your lillies are very beautiful, my Friend !

PS: I have something urgent to tell you. Please get in touch as soon as you can. Thank you.

Zaa said...

Dear Annette... What a happy teatime meeting... Thank You ... Hugs

Zaa said...


Lady Linda said...

Oh this is just beauty itself! What a lovely lovely post! I am just in awe. Thank you...you have such a creative eye.

Zaa said...

Thanks Lady Linda... Your teatime visits and chats are always most delightful ...Hugs

Firuzan said...

Dear Rosslind, I'm just back from Vienna and Prague trip. I had taken lots of photos of Viennese Coffee Houses. Delightful tea and coffee cups always reminded me of you there.
Would be love to share teatime with you...Kisses and love, Firuzan

Zaa said...

My Dear Firuzan..I 'm so excited that you stopped by .. Please do " SHARE" Sweet friend... Hugs

cindy said...

I love your blog.

Zaa said...

Thank You for your sweet comment and visit Cindy..Please do come again...Hugs

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you for your comment! Sorry to be so late replying, we were out-of-town (today I posted our trip to Charleston, SC on my blog.)

Your blog is beautiful! I love Queen Anne's Lace too!