Monday, December 5, 2011


Let it snow ...Let It snow ....Let it snow ... When I decided to move to snowy New Brunswick ... It was like a childs' glistening dream of a Snow Castle and a Snow Queen, who decreed, giant snowflakes... BEAUTIFUL !!!! Actually ... Yes, you can have it ALL in winter wonderland ....especially, if your heart and imagination are creatively, huge enough, to believe in the Wintry Magic !!!

I've always loved fairytales and folklore .... The " Snow Queen " from Hans Christian Andersons' Fairytale is one of my favorites , but it is also the tale of a formidable lady with a heart of ice... often I feel sorry sorry for this Queen.

Movies, storyteller and animators have personified her evil characteristics in classical form . One thought of the Snow Maiden or Snow Queen and theres an immediate chill ... BRRRRRRRRRRRRR.Since childhood, I enjoyed Folklore from around the world... and it is in these tales, I have found a flourishing kalidescope of emotional comfort, healthy saddness and pensive thoughts of respect for Wintry Beauty.

The Russians seem to have an affinity for Winter, the season that blankets many parts their country longer than most parts of Europe. It is here that the " Snow Queen" folktale originated and took on new form.

Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden is one of Russia's most a popular cultural characters. It is the traditional story of Ded Moroz's ( Santa Claus) granddaughter, who accompanies him while delivering gifts to good children... She has become a rather iconic figure , immortalized on Russian laquered boxes and on nesting dolls...

Sneg, means snow and Snegurochka lives in Veliky Ustyug with her grandfather. She is commonly depicted with long silver-blue robes and a furry cap. Just as Ded Moroz( Santa Claus) appears in various interpretations during the holiday season, the Snow Maiden also assumes many guises for the New Year celebrations. Thus, she dawns a dual personality according to film and theatre adaptations... good and bad .. ying and yang. That's what gives the story longevity!!!!

I collect " Snow Queen " and " Snow Maiden" memorabilia and often times enjoy creating seasonal decorations . Here you see afew Atc's that were created to hang on the Christmas tree. It's amazing what you can do with alittle glue, glitter and sparkly pipe cleaners.( Ha Ha)

The story of the "Snow Maiden is both beautiful and sad. If you're a lover of folktales, it is one that will touch your heart . The Russian Snegurochka is the daughter of Spring and Winter, who appears to a childless couple as a winter blessing. Unable or forbidden to love, Snegurochka remains indoors with her human parents until the urge of nature forces her to venture beyond. When she falls inlove with a human boy, she saddly melts.( Sniff sniff) ..I always cry when I read this story!!!!

The many variations of this wintry fairytale have delighted children for centuries. If your traveling to Russia during the winter,you're sure to meet or see Snegurochka in some form or another, while shopping.... or .... If you're sitting by the fireside curled up, in a cozy spot, maybe a frosty little fantasy is just what Old Man Winter has ordered for your reading enjoyment

The Snow Queen and Snow Maiden are both available in book and movie form .. Your choice.

In the meantime ..... BRIGHT BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY for a warm and happy Christmas.


Lady Linda said...

Oh I love your snow queens. Fun to learn something new.
Love, Linda

Cindy said...

This is lovely. The Snow Queen and Snow Maidens are beautiful. I used to "hate" I've come to appreciate it's special beauty. Your blog is so lovely!

Zaa said...

Thanks for the kind visit, Lady Linda..Please do stop in again..Merry Christmas..Hugs

Zaa said...

Thank You Cindy ... I always enjoy your visits. Have a Happy Christmas!!! Hugs