Monday, September 19, 2011

"PICKLES AND TEA" ...Teatime Tuesday

I'm into the pickle juice... Oh me, oh my ... What a busy day I'm having!  September, is always a delightful mix of colors and plump fresh fruits and vegetables.  The kitchen itself smells to be pickled and my hands are stained a lovely beetroot red ...


It's time for a break .... On days like today I need some invigorating  yellow to get me through the canning  tasks of the season. I've always been partial to  yellow, which I believe is the most enchanting color in the color spectrum.

Certainly the charm of this "Ansley" teacup, is like drinking a cup full of sunlight ... especially for   someone, who might be a slight bit  "pickled"... or should I say tickled with the aromatic scents of vinegar and spices.

This is a regal  design that someone of royalty could have commissioned, but of course it's only one of a hundred or more , dazzling Ansley patterns. The  saucer is so delicately  rimmed in gold florets and perfectly completed with intricately  connected rose bowers. I alway marvel at those who create such  symmetrical beauty. 

Ansley China  was  produced in the late 1700's,  as a family business that started as one man's hobby. Today it one of the worlds highest quality chinas.

John Ansley, the chairman of a local coalmine in Stokes-on-Trent, England,  had a strong interest in collecting pottery and lustreware and in 1775 started his business in Longton. He used local clay and his own engravings and soon became known as a master potter. His son James successfully maintained the  business .

Funnily enough it was his grandson, John Ansley ll, who took over the manufacturing and introduced a new process. ( This is something I didn't know) He added 50 percent calcified bone ash to the porcelain creating a  stronger and whiter product .... thus the name bone china !!!

It was at this time that Queen Victoria commissioned a set of personal tableware and allowed Ansley China to use the royal family seal in it's logo, where it remains today. The company boasts  recent commissions including  sets for Queen Elizabeth ll and the Prince of Wales. 

 Today, Ansley is still in demand and is now part of the same group that produces Belleek porcelain from Ireland. 

Ok  ... Time to get back to the task ... (Scrub, scrub scrub) ...  Luckily my son loves culinary arts and  has encouraged me to continue into the wee small hours of the morning ... Graham made the brine and I cut up the horse radish and cleaned  the cucumbers... We finished at 12:00 a.m ... No wonder I'm excited to see all  bright  green pickle  jars...  A  job well done  !!! ( Yawn)

Maybe I'll have just one more spot of camomile tea before bedtime !!!

 Goodness , I hear a knock on the door...It's the local ladies  flying  around  on their brooms...They stopped in for an , All Hallow's Eve  chat.  ...Would you like to join us for some teatime   cackling ( ha ha) ... T'is  the witching hour !!!!

Sometimes, I do wonder about this neightbourhood and it's  strange tea brew !!! ( Hee Hee Hee)

Thanks for the visit and ENJOY your last week of summer .


Snap said...

You have been busy. Your pickles look wonderful. I love your yellow tea things. Such a happy color! Halloween is just around the corner. Ack! Happy Tea Day!

Johanna said...

Hi Zaa,
oh my, you are so hard working. But lovely when the shelves are full with home made preserves. Your tea table looks very inviting. I am so fond to your yellow Chintz pattern. It is so lovely.
Thank you for sharing your treasures.
Best greetings, Johanna

Kathryn Ross said...

Ha, Zaa - funny you! But, thanks so much for all the great info on Ansley China - very interesting. I am learning so much this year about the history of china - I never really knew or thought to inquire - just appreciated. Now, I'm getting better at what to look for. Your comments were sweet on my footed find and Squirrel Nutkin. So, the raised outline in gold dates it as an older piece. More research on my part, I think.

Zaa said...

Thanks Snap... Hope you enjoy your last week of summer...Hugs

Zaa said...

Yes Johanna..I love canning and lining up all the pretty pickles and jellies..Then I rest for another year...( Ha ha) I'm very fond of chinz too but only have a small collection in this " Sophie" chinz pattern on the post...So glad you like it ... Hugs to you Sweet lady.

Zaa said...

Hey Lady Kathy ..I'm learning alot too and am just loving all the blog s out there... Your's always leaves me with teatime smile ... You have such an brilliant imagination ... HUGS

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi There! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog today. I enjoyed your post and that gorgeous teacup. I've never seen one of that pattern before. Thanks for sharing the history of this particular maker as well. I wish you a great week! Pamela

Zaa said...

Thanks for your kind visit Pamela.. and please do come again...Hugs

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

There is something so comforting about seeing all the pickles and jams lined up on the shelf, isn't there? You have been a busy bee! Love the Ansley teacup and yellow is such a lovely sunny colour. Thanks for sharing it with us today. Have a good week and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Wanda Lee said...

Hello there Zaa!

What a fun light and airy Fall tablescape vignette that you've set for tea time this week Zaa! Every detail from the pickles all lined up in a row to those marvelous yellow teacup and yellow chintz teapot pics are amazing!

Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.

Happy Tuesday Tea day and have a marvelous week!

Hugs from Wanda Lee

Sandra Foster said...

There is nothing like seeing this all lined up when the job is done. So good to see some one still cans. That's all we see in garage sales is canning jars. Good for you!

Zaa said...

Thanks Sandi ... Yes I'm always happy when it's done and I can have a cup of tea....Enjoy your week-end...Hugs

Zaa said...

Hey Wanda Lee..So glad you stopped over for tea... I'll be over to see you today ...Hugs

Zaa said...

Good Morning Sandra... I don't do alot of canning, but still enjoy the results of the harvest( Ha Ha)...So happy to see you my Friend...Enjoy your week-end...Hugs

Marie said...

I love love love that yellow teacup of yours which also can also be a decor item during halloween. I see a shape of a web on that saucer. And your pickles...hmmm...making me crave!

Sandi said...

Lovely post! I too adore yellow such a sunny and cheery colour... your set is quite something! I can just smell the pickles from your quite delightful description... Now do have a wee nap today...:)

Terri said...

Zaa, you have gifted us with a delightful post! You put a smile on my face : )
I love your Ansley tea cup. It is a cup of sunshine! I do love dramatic cups like this!
So you are pickling, and I am fermenting! I have been making sauerkraut, ginger carrots, and beets. The early fall is such a perfect time to do these.
Thank you so much for sharing with us, and the local ladies!

Zaa said...

Your Right Marie.... There is a web connection in this cup and saucer ..ha Ha ... It is a Hallowe'en Cup ...Thanks for the visit... Hugs

Zaa said...

Hey Sandi ... Thanks for your delightful visit... Please do come again..Blessings!!!

Zaa said...

Hey Terri...Genger carrots sound wonderful... Are you making your sauerkraut in a crock pot....I alway remember my grandmother making it.. and I do like keeping up the traditions of the Fall season. ANytime your flying around the net on your broom do spot in for a little brew...Hugs

Lady Linda said...

Hi Zaa...I'm a bit late enjoying the posts of the day. Your pickles look wonderful...nothing like homemade. I like your teacup too.
Fall is such a lovely time.

Zaa said...

Thanks so much lady Linda...Better late than never ... Please do stop by again for a teatime chat... HUGS

Mary said...

Your canned pickles look beautiful on your counter. My mom canned so many different things. Very interesting history of the china, I learned something new. I love beautiful teacups and have a small collection.
(Basketdoll from Flickr)

Zaa said...

So Sweet of you to drop in Mary... The more the merrier at teatime...Come again...Hugs

victorian parlor II said...

What a lovely cup and saucer! I love pickles and used to can so I can appreciate all of the hard work you have put into those jars but it really is worth it:).



Zaa said...

Thanks Kim... So happy you stopped in for a teatime chat...Hugs

Mariette said...

Dearest Zaa,

What an industruous lady you are! My goodness, this looks so lovely. You surely have made the best use of the last summer days in the year.
Love to you,


Mariette said...

Dearest Zaa,

Please do visit my blog of October 1st.


Zaa said...

Thanks for the lovely visit Mariette..It's always so nice to hear from you ..I've been away for 2 weeks and I'm now on my way to your blog...Hugs