Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It was an expiring day  .., ( Ha Ha)   I mean inspiring day  in the garden of the Grand Lady.... Tah Dah ... The often boastful peony was shyly hugging the newly painted  timbres of the house, trying to stay out of the heat of the sweltering sun.

Yes , it was  very  humid too, so I of course was  wearily  fanning myself and wondering where there was a swimming pool. Alas that luxury is not mine, so a bathtub would have to do, later in the day... (Splish Splash)

Yes, the heat was getting to me so upon exiting the garden, I paused to  pick the languishing peony and two lovely roses that begged a grand showing in the magenta pink hue of the music room. 

Although the music room is still being decorated  and in a very unorganized state.... I thought it fitting to adorn the room with  the  first blossoms of summer. The tea rose  provided a much needed perfume to the musty paint smells,  while the peony presented itself eloquently beside the china lamp.  What else could I do , but pull up a chair, turn on some  harp music and have a cup of tea. It's amazing how relaxing ice tea, music and a biscuit can be  in the swells of the harping summer  heat. 


Sandra Foster said...

Beautiful lamp and flowers. You have good taste my friend. Sandra

Zaa said...

Thank You Sandra.... I hope you'll visit me for a cup of tea next time, my friend... HUGS

victorian parlor II said...

How lovely! The lamp and the flowers are delightful and no doubt the tea added a relaxing touch to a warm summer day.



Zaa said...

Thank You Kim... There a cup of ice tea waiting for you...Thanks for the visit...Hugs

Mary said...

Beautiful lamp and flowers. Peonies are a favorite, such an old-fashioned flower and they are so luscious and big and smell so sweet. I dried several of my peony blossoms this spring. They don't smell quite so sweet when dried....loving your blog Flickr friend.